Monday, February 17, 2014

[Poll] M&BB Monday Poll

Every Monday, Karen over at the Makeup and Beauty Blog does a poll asking visitors to comment. I thought it might be fun to occasionally post it and answer it on my blog. And if you're into makeup, Karen's blog is an awesome resource for all things makeup!!!

This week's poll:

1. Your favorite pair of pajamas?
I really don't wear pajamas in "pairs" persay. I have a bunch of pajama pants that I usually just pair with tees or tanks. But my favorite pair of pajama pants are navy Nautica ones with multicolor anchors on them. I got them at Macy's during an after-Christmas sale 2 Christmases ago and haven't been able to find them for such a steal since.

2. Do you still de-fuzz your legs in the winter?
I do, but less frequently. And I probably wouldn't at all except that I work out and wear capris or shorts, so I don't want to be the girl with the gross legs at the gym.

3. When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?
Last Sunday. I spot clean them daily but on Sundays I actually give them a real wash.

4. Have you ever worn eyelash extensions?
Nope, and I don't have the desire to, simply because they're so expensive for how long they last!!

5. What are three of your eye makeup staples?
Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Too Faced 3-Way Liner, Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara

3*Way Lash Lining Tool

6. What’s your stance on long, pointy nails?
I think they look dated. Kudos to gals who have the confidence to wear them, but they're definitely not something I'm personally into.

Not my thang!

7. What’s one weird thing your pet does?
She chews on her face. She's a boxer dog, and they have these jowls - and so often they get stuck in her mouth. It makes me laugh every time.

8. Are you more of a palette or a singles girl?
Definitely a palette girl. I have singles because when I started out with makeup I didn't know palettes existed, and I've purchased some singles because I really loved the color, but my preference is almost always for palettes. I like how easy it is to create a look with a palette because the colors are so complimentary. I also love how easy it is to grab one when I travel and get multiple unique eye looks out of it over the course of a trip!

9. Do you take cream and/or sugar in your tea?
Neither because I think tea is gross.

10. To do great things, you must _____.
Work hard!! Give it some effort! Nothing great happens solely on its own.

How would you answer these questions?


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