Friday, November 23, 2012

[Celeb Inspired] Dressing Like Ali Larter Part 4

Well, I kind of forgot that this was a holiday week, and that I would want to post about the holiday and not an outfit. So this week we'll get a fun outfit on Saturday, too. It's the holiday - what the heck!

This was the only professional type look I decided to recreate. The thing I liked about Ali's outfit was the patterned blazer paired with basic black and white. I don't love the idea of leather (for others it's great but I don't know how lasting of a trend it is and therefore am hesitant to jump on the wagon), so I traded it out for a plain black skinny. I liked the shape of Ali's outfit, so I focused my recreation on that, and I also liked the color combination with a little bit of print in the top, so I added a striped blazer instead of something plain. Ali had a pop of red in her bag, while I chose to make my entire bag a pop of red! I actually didn't mean to do this - I just liked my new red bag, and when I put them side by side I realized the similarity. This outfit was by far my favorite recreation of the week.

Top: JCPenney | Blazer: Ross | Pants: H&M, $13 recent | Shoes: ? (I've had them so long I can't remember!) | Satchel: Marshall's | Earrings: F21 | Bracelet: Glint & Gleam via Shop Lately | Necklace, Watch: gifted

Guys, I gotta be honest here - I hate these pants. I had been on the lookout for black skinnies that fit for the longest time and just couldn't find them. I tried on a bunch - some were too baggy, some too short. So when I found these at H&M, I think I was a bit blinded by the fitting room lights and the price tag. These pants are way high-waisted, which I hate, and I can only wear them with certain things because of that. Also, the butt was saggy on me after one wear. Honestly - I think these are the same pants I bought 6 months ago (in both the black and the blue) that I then returned to H&M once I tried them on at home and realized how high the waist was. Oh well. Live & learn. Not sure how much wear these will get...

Overall, I really liked this recreation! Have you ever recreated an outfit that you loved?


  1. i love your blazer dear!!!
    nice outfit

  2. It's a great recreation! I really love that striped jacket and how you decided to go for a red bag to give it a pop of color! Sorry to hear about those pants, but from what I can see, they seem to look very good on you. I hope you have a great weekend!


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! This was definitely my favorite.

  4. this is definitely my favorite of the recreations all week - you look fabulous! it's hard to tell through the pictures but i actually really like the pants.

  5. I love both the original look and your interpretation of it, well done!


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