Monday, November 5, 2012

[Life] Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm not gonna lie - the past 9 days have been rough.

First of all, thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I know it's a bit late, but my entire last week of posts were all scheduled pre-hurricane (and so are the next week's worth). I knew I'd have a hell of a week and wasn't able to jump in to update a post to mention it. I have a lot of friends who were/are affected, since I grew up in the area that was hit. My parents were without power for a few days but fortunately that was the worst of it. It was a devastating event and we were all quickly reminded how strong Mother Nature can be. 

As I said, I've been busy. I hosted a Halloween party two weekends ago, taught all 5 days last week, and then hosted 2 more parties this past weekend. The class I taught is one I've just learned the material for, and I had a very trying student in the course, so I had a rough go of it. I also spent hours every evening going back over the next day's content so that I could better deal with said rough student. That, coupled with planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party I hosted, left me with zero time. Like I said, rough week.

But the reward was in the weekend. I was honored to host the bridal shower for one of my closest and dearest friends.

I also got to host an accompanying bachelorette in honor of Jena!!!

We got a room at the Hampton Inn to crash at after the festivities - and started out with champagne in paper Hampton cups. This led to many a rendition of "White Hampton Cup! I fill you up!"

Then, our friend Lea hosted all the ladies at her apartment.

We had an impromptu dance party to the Wobble (hey, most of us are dancers!!!)

The whole crew

Next up, a local club....

And we ended up in VIP...I think it was the veil??

Overall, the night was a blast!!!

I'm so excited and honored to stand by Jena's side next weekend as her Matron of Honor, when she marries Jason, her best friend and love of her life. <3


  1. I hope this week goes better! At least your weekend was a blast!

  2. i hope you have a better week this week, jamie! the shower and bach party look AWESOME!! you did such a great job!

  3. OMG - that sounds like a great weekend! I love bridal showers and bachelorette parties. A small excuse to let loose with no boys around :) I'm now following!


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