Monday, November 5, 2012

[Shopping] Fall Fashion Update Numero Dos

I am almost completely done with my fall shopping list - yay!

Here are a few updates:

1. I obviously haven't found smoking loafers yet...but I haven't really been looking too hard. However, the ones I've tried on (including the ones from the Gap) haven't really excited me. This makes me wonder if perhaps this style of shoe just isn't "me", no matter how much I love it!
2. I bought my cowboy boots and they were featured here.
6b. That mustard scarf is sold out. :( Can't find a comparable option! Though I have been looking for affordable scarves in not only mustard, but hunter green and burgundy. Let me know if you find any good options! (Maybe I'm being cheap, but I don't like paying more than $10 for a scarf. I keep finding great ones around the $15 and I just can't justify spending that on a scarf when I have so many others!)
8. I got my polka dot shirt but went the opposite direction and picked white dots on black from F21. This isn't the exact shirt but it's close:


9. Got the pink with lace box clutch I was drooling over from the Kirna Zebete collection at Target. I went in last week and it was 50% off - if anyone knows anything about Target, you know the lowest it will usually go is 70% off and I wasn't taking a chance. I'd rather buy it for $7 more and get one than wait it out and miss out on it!

Kirna Zabete® for Target® Lace Hard Case Clutch - Pink

In other news...still haven't found green pumps. Honestly, these are probably at the very bottom of the wishlist. And that red crossbody elusive! I have a very specific idea of what I'm looking for - small, brighter red rather than oxblood, quilted detailing, chain on part or all of strap, and preferably a front flap with clasp. The closest thing I've found is this bag from Banana Republic: 

...but for $60 it needs to be exactly what I'm looking for and I fear this may be a touch too small at 6 inches wide. I'm looking more for 7.5 or 8 inches in width.

UPDATE since I wrote this post: I came across a great Kenneth Cole red shoulder bag at Stein Mart and picked that one up!

I'll have a picture soon, I couldn't find one online. But rest assured it's cute! :)

How is your fall shopping going?



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