Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[Linkup] Try It Tuesday: C'est La Vie

Just popping in quickly today to announce a temporary suspension on "Try It Tuesday". I will continue to use Tuesday posts to try Pins, but I'm temporarily suspending the linkup. There just hasn't been enough interest for me to keep it up right now.

Of course, in true-to-my-life form*, I saw 2 linkups with the same theme start in the last month, and these other bloggers have a lot better reach than I do. Also, they're using a different day for their linkup, so other bloggers can't easily combine links.

I do have a few blogs that I'm sponsoring in the next month or two, so I may try again if I gain enough readers - but for now, until further notice - no more Try It Tuesday Linkup!

*{Note: I say true-to-my-life form because I have what my hubby calls a curse. Things happen to me that couldn't be replicated if you tried 100,000 times. It's like I have a beacon for things to go not really "wrong", but odd. Like, if there is a sewer grate 20 feet away from me, somehow I will drop something in it from that far away. Perhaps I should start keeping track of these and blog about them, because it's kind of ridiculous how often this kind of thing happens to me. Anyway, before I decided what I wanted to try for a linkup, I paid careful attention to the hundreds of blogs I follow to see if anyone was doing a Pinterest linkup. There was none. Until I started mine. And then there were 2-3. And then I found a new blog that's been linking up with one for months. So goes my luck. Or curse. Whatever.}

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