Friday, November 9, 2012

[Shopping] Dressing Room Diaries

Time for another round of DID I BUY IT?

First up, a plaid button down from Old Navy.

I did NOT buy it. While it wasn't bad, it wasn't great. This is the problem of us larger-on-top women - perfect in the top, but baggy at the waist.

Next, a navy blue Old Navy button down.

Didn't buy it. I didn't love the way the material clung to me at odd places, making it just sit strangely on my body.

Next, a cardigan from the Gap.

I hemmed and hawed over this one. I really liked it, and it was $20, but I had gone specifically to Gap for something else, and money was tight enough that I couldn't justify $20 on something similar to what I already had at home. Although in retrospect, I wish I had bought it, because the only other long sweater cardigan I have is short sleeved, and I forgot that part.

Moving on.

Grey sweater from LOFT.

I loved this sweater. LOVED it. But the one I'm wearing is an XL - now, I'm all for trying on sizes other than what I usually wear, especially since oversize is trendy right now, but while the picture might not look like it, this particular sweater gathered pretty badly at my waist, making me look bigger. They had my size in this in purple, but I didn't love the color, so I didn't buy either. You can see it better in the pic below.

Speaking of, polka dotted pants, also from LOFT, are next.

Didn't get these. The butt was saggy. The material was not stretchy. And for someone with very minimal curves like myself, this can make or break a pair of pants.

This is the purple sweater in my size (same as grey above)

Already mentioned I didn't get it. Forgot I had a pic, haha.

I actually kind of liked the length of the larger one better.

Last from LOFT, a lacy skirt.

I had no idea how to wear this one. Where it hit was entirely too high on my body because of where my waist is. A big NO here.

Next...a Gap sweater.

I love this sweater. LOVE it. I was iffy at the time, so I didn't get it, then went back for it a day later and it was completely gone in my size. The next size up was too big. This one bums me out a bit.

Another Gap sweater:

Didn't love it. Didn't buy it.

Lastly, a sweater from the Limited.

Love this one. AND actually bought it!!! Out of everything here, this is the only one I currently own. That's so not like me. But good for my wallet!!!

What have you bought lately?


  1. I like the last top. And I can't believe it is warm enough where you are for cropped pants and sandals!

  2. i'm so glad you got that last sweater! it's so pretty. i also really liked that plaid top but i totally understand your reasoning for not getting it


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