Friday, November 16, 2012

[Shopping] Thrifting Revisited

NOTE: If you just want to see what amazing things I thrifted, scroll down. :) Also, I think I might try a vlog about these because the pictures just didn't come out well, and I was a bit rushed for time. Maybe for Monday. :)

I think I've written about how I feel about thrifting on the blog before. Or not, since I just searched my blog and it never came up. Perhaps that was a post I drafted and got rid of because in all honesty, I've not had a very positive view of thrifting.

My problem with thrift shopping always stemmed from the idea that thrift store clothing is discarded clothing that no one would want sitting in a smelly store. I honestly was kind of snobby about thrifting. But now? It's my new obsession. So how in the world did I go from one extreme to another? 1 word: consignment. 

I was bumming around on my lunch break one day, popping into Hobby Lobby to look at home decor, and noticed a store I hadn't noticed before: Alexis Suitcase. I was intrigued, but didn't have time to stop in. I looked it up online later and discovered it was a consignment store. I poked around the website a bit and quickly learned that their forte was designer consignment - Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and the like. I was further intrigued.

So one day I stopped in. Can I just tell you? If you are ever in Atlanta, or happen to live here, GO FIND ALEXIS SUITCASE. NOW. No, really. Go there. You can choose from 3 locations. I'm super super serial. (South Park anyone?) This store is amazing. And no, they have no idea I'm writing this - I just am in lurve with this store.

They have certain brands they don't generally consign - brands that are very affordable, like Old Navy and brands from Target. Then they have brands they love to consign - J Crew, Banana Republic, Joe's Jeans, etc - and they only take clothing that was produced in the last 2 years - unfortunately no vintage, but that also means no outdated styles (which, honestly, can sometimes go hand in hand with vintage!). So I started at Alexis Suitcase. Some die-hard thrifters will say consignment is not thrifting and I half-agree. But I think it's like a gateway drug to Goodwill and Salvation Army, so let's go with it. 

Alexis Suitcase does discounting as well - they email coupons and every week they have certain color tags that are either 15% off or 30% off. Older items go on the 50% off rack. So what are some of the steals I nabbed here?

New York & Company sweater, $17.99 no discount, estimated retail ~$40

This sweater was my first purchase and probably my least exciting. It wasn't discounted, it wasn't a super great deal, but I loved the light pink color and it fit perfectly.

Then I found this next trip:

Black lace Express skirt, $15.99 with 20% off discount, estimated retail ~$60

I loved this skirt. It's black lace and super stylish! 

Then. THEN. I found the section where they keep their designer jeans. And I found these jeans, by one of my favorite brands in my exact size:

Miss Me grey faded jean, $28.00 with 30% off discount, estimated retail ~$99-$110
I love the skull pattern inside!!!

And my last purchase, another pair of designer jeans:

True Religion Julie skinnies, $58.00 with 20% discount, estimated retail ~$340

You guys, I never dreamed of being able to find a pair of True Religion jeans for under $100 (you can get them for about $150ish at their outlet locations, which is where I bought the only other pair I own!). These fit like a glove and I was so stoked to find them.

Alexis Suitcase was my gateway. I ended up at Goodwill looking for pieces for our Halloween costumes. While looking for a grey skirt, I stumbled upon a few items that still had their tags - an Ann Taylor blazer in my exact size:

Ann Taylor blazer, $15.91, retail $228

Ya'll, this blazer STILL HAD THE TAGS ON!!!!

Then I found this Ann Taylor skirt, also in my size:

Ann Taylor brocade skirt, $10.91, retail $70-$110

And it ALSO still had the tags on it!!!!

Well. That just started me off. Since, I've stopped off at various Goodwills a few times and also picked up these gems along the way:

A leopard cardigan for $5.00:

A navy pinstripe blazer for $6.00:

This awesome Michael Kors navy blazer for $6.00:

A bright red blazer for $6.00:

A fabulous printed Ann Taylor skirt for $5.00:

How do you feel about thrifting? Do you do it? Have you had any great scores lately?


  1. Great finds! I need to try the whole thrifting thing! :)

  2. OHMYGOSH. i am SO JEALOUS of your thrifting finds!!!!! i wish we had awesome stuff like that at our goodwill!!!!

  3. That Michael Kors blazer is a great find! I love thrifting, but it can be difficult and tiring! I don't have a lot of good luck, like some other people seem to do. -Jessica L



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