Monday, November 19, 2012

[Celeb Inspired] How To Dress Like Ali Larter

I'm so excited, ya'll!!! Today marks the start of my new blog format! This week I'm going to feature celebrity inspiration. And not just any celebrity - but Ali Larter.

Why Ali Larter? Simply put - I noticed I had pinned about 9 inspiration images featuring her, more than any other single celebrity. So I thought I'd kick off the new format with a weeklong "Dressing like Ali Larter" series!

Today's look?

Inspiration pic via

I am a huge fan of "mixing seasons" as I like to call this - summery bottoms with a colder-weather top. This combination is perfect for a mild fall or spring day! I loved this particular inspiration photo because of the shorts and long sleeves, and I also liked that it was a different way to wear basics that most of us already have in our closets!

For my look, I went with a cleaner short instead of cutoffs, and added a belt because my top wasn't as flowy and it needed a little something at the waist. I also am not a fan of sneakers with shorts unless I'm working out (simply because I have big feet and with no pants to cover part of them they look huge!), so I added a pair of simple sandals to finish my look.

Top: Gap | Shorts: Paris Blues | Sandals: Old Navy | Bag: New York & Company | Earrings: Ardene's | Bracelets: INPink, Kohl's, Walmart



  1. Love this new feature! I am so jealous that you can still wear shorts and bare legs. If I want to wear shorts I have to wear tights underneath now.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. ahhh LOVE THIS, jamie!! can't wait to see all your other inspired looks! and i do love ali larter!!

  3. Everything looks so good!!! And I love Ali Larter! You nailed this one, my friend!! :)

  4. I love your earrings -- so cute! xo


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