Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[OOTD] Funny the Way it Is

Hello readers. I've been sporadic with posts these last few days, due to both my laziness and my lack of camera. But mostly laziness.

Gotta love the Lexi-bomb in the background.
Top: Target, $15+20% off coupon (recent but can't find online) | Jeans: Hydraulic via BonTon, $20 (old) | Shoes, Earrings: Kohl's, $25? shoes and $4 earrings | Bracelet: Charlotte Russe (recent), $2.50 | Grand total: ~$63.50

This past weekend my camera decided to die. I find this a bit funny, because just a week or so ago, I was telling Hubs that I wanted to buy a new camera. Ya'll may remember the recent post about my refund that I'll be getting from Sony - well, the speakers I returned were a Christmas present from my hubby, so I told him I wanted to use the money to get a replacement Christmas present :) and that present would be a new camera.

I wore this to go see my friend's Bf's band play!

Which led to a conversation with the hubs about why a camera when I have one that already works. Well, the why was simple to me. I've been using a point and shoot camera since we got one as a wedding gift 3 years ago. I want to try my hand at learning more about photography and to do that I would like a better camera. Husband, on the other hand, couldn't wrap his brain around getting another camera when I already have one that works. He can't imagine the pictures from one to the next would be that different.

Now, I'm not looking to get a DSLR. That is entirely too much camera and waaaaaay too much money to spend on something I may not be good at or enjoy. However, there are some really decent bridge cameras out there that are priced well, and will give me a lot of the setting functionality that a DSLR has. I know there are some limitations, but if I find myself really loving photography and wanting to get a better camera, well, then I can save for a DSLR.

Saturday morning, Hubs started emailing me links to cameras while he was in class. That was his way of saying he was on board. :) How cute. Then Saturday afternoon I went to turn on my point and shoot camera. And it wouldn't come on.

Thinking I must have drained the battery Friday night unknowingly, I plugged it in. After charging, I tried it this morning and the camera still wouldn't turn on. I did some research and tried a few things, but to no avail. I think I need to take the camera to a camera shop and see what they have to say. Regardless of a new bridge camera, it would still be nice to have a lightweight, easy to put in your bag point and shoot camera. But if it costs more than $20 or $30 to fix, it might not be worth it.

So right now I'm camera-less. Which means I'm being super lazy about putting myself together on a daily basis - at least for now since I have a stockpile of photos to post while I sort out the camera sitch. I haven't gotten Sony's check yet, and I might not get it for another month (they said 4-6 weeks) but just this morning the camera I've been eyeing for a couple of weeks now came available on one of those daily deal sites for half price. I just might scoop it up. Regardless, I'm planning on taking the point and shoot to the closest camera store and just seeing what they have to say.

I liked how my hair turned out!!

What do y'all shoot with? Mostly DSLRs? Have you ever used bridge cameras?


  1. FashionablecollectionsJuly 17, 2012 at 11:58 AM

    LOVE the top, it's such a wonderful print.

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY 

  2. I shoot with a Canon T3 Rebel - well, my good friend does the shooting for me. I saved up credit card points and it still cost a lot... but I find that it's totally worth it! I've used it during family events and on trips and really just love having a good camera. That said, I haven't learned everything there is about it - they are very complicated!

  3. A new camera was meant to be :)  I still have a point and shoot camera but plan on getting a DSLR after I get married later this year- for some reason my fiance seems to think it's irresponsible to pay $600+ for a camera right now when we're trying to save for our honeymoon to Italy.  Psh, boys.  Thanks so much for linking up for our blog hop.  We were so happy to have you!

  4. it was totally meant to be! good luck on your camera hunt! (LOVE that shirt and those earrings by the way... and your hair is GORGEOUS!!)

  5. That print is fabulous and I'm loving the cut of your jeans on you!

    Alexandra xo


  6. love your pretty necklace!


  7. very cute look! xo 
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  8. Thanks! I found one already! I had been dying to wear those earrings, haha...

  9. Must be! I can't imagine why your fiance would make that argument....hahaha. Italy will totally be worth it. :)

  10. They definitely are! If I like the bridge camera I will likely be saving for a DSLR down the road...it'll be interesting to me to see the difference from point and shoot to bridge.


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