Friday, July 20, 2012

[OOTD] Two Step

Whew. Thank goodness it's Friday.

I'm a little bit bummed. My camera was supposed to arrive yesterday. It didn't.

Top: Macy's $15 | Capris, Ring: H&M $15, $5 | Shoes: Shoe Carnival $10 | Earrings: Ardene's, Canada $10 | Watch: Target, $13 | Grand Total: $68

I selected 2 day shipping because it was only $3 more than standard, and 1 day shipping was a bit more than I wanted to spend.

The estimated arrival date for my camera was yesterday. But as of late Thursday night, the item was "still awaiting shipping" and had no tracking number yet.

I sent an email asking why it hadn't shipped and of course haven't heard anything yet. Seems like a bit of a lie on the 2 day shipping, no?

Hopefully my camera is on it's way. But I'm not holding my breath.

However, Sony did send my speakers back. Even though they're sending me a full refund. Soo....I get all my money back AND my stuff? Stupid Sony. That's ok. The speakers will work with the right rigging, it's only the wireless transmitter that doesn't work. So I guess I got a pair of speakers for free.

But that still doesn't cancel out my camera. Hmph.

On another note, how do you feel about full fledged capris vs the currently trendy crops? This is the only pair of capris I own and I thought I liked them until I saw these pictures. Now I'm not sure. Maybe they need to be cuffed?


Happy Friday? Yes, Happy Friday.


  1. man so sorry about your camera not being there yet :( bummer. sony is a weeeeeeird company LOL. i think you look fabulous and that ring is too adorable.

  2. Ugh that stinks that they lied about 2 day shipping! I get so impatient when I'm waiting for packages to arrive.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. That pink floral is so pretty on you, Jamie!


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