Monday, July 9, 2012

[Blogging] 3 Posts in ONE Day!!

I will make this quick, I promise - ya'll might notice on this post and my previous post there is a new commenting system! I wanted to try this for a few reasons - 1, to make it easier to reply by asking commenters for an email address and 2, so that ya'll can link up your most recent blog post in your comment!

If you really don't like it, please let me know - I obviously care most about what you think. I really wanted to be able to send replies via email because I was never sure if anyone was coming back and seeing my replies to their comments. And now you can plug your latest post! Whoop!!

Ok. I'm done for today. I swear.

PS. I added an FAQ page to my tabs at the top. There isn't but one question in there because I haven't been asked any yet....but feel free to ask away if you have a burning question! I'm an open book (mostly). :)


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