Monday, July 9, 2012

[Fashion] I live inside the elements

A little while back, I wrote this post about Macy's and Miss Me jeans. I busted the jean out for the first time while I was in Toronto. Each night, after I taught, I'd come home and change before I headed out to dinner - gotta be comfortable, right? This was what I wore the first night.

Top: Macy's | Bottoms: Miss Me from Macy's | Shoes: Boscov's

I love the pocket design on this pair!! This one is the one I imagine I'll wear for a number of performances with my dance team. I also really like the hemline of the top here.

I wore this to a restaurant called Milestones. I think it's a chain, but they had fantastic steak. Whenever I travel, I always try to go to places I could never go to at home.

I generally sit at the bar, too - at the right place, you can spend your meal chatting with others instead of eating alone!

All jewelry is the same as shown in Thursday's post.

Happy Monday, ya'll!! As always, I'm linking up with my girl Molly for YOLO Mondays!! Go check out her blog and find some new reads!!


Oh, and bonus points to whomever knows what song lyrics are in my post title without looking it up!! :)


  1. you look so pretty, jamie! those miss me jeans are amazing!! :) :) love it! happy monday!! #YOLO!

    still being [molly]

  2. So cute, I love the lace detail on the sleeves!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Love the details on your top. cute outfit. xo

  4. very cute and casual!! Sometimes that is the only way to go! ;) love the details on the pockets too!!!


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