Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[Life/Quoteable] TGI4? TGIH?

You guys. I'm having a bit of a rough week, although it's nothing major. Do you ever have a few days where there are just nonstop minor irritations that do nothing but build and build and build and push your mood lower and lower and eventually you're just having a crappy day or couple of days? That was me this week, brought on by the compilation of the following:

  • My car. It stopped blowing cold air (aka the AC went out - just in time for the 3 digit temps) a few weeks ago and I've spent the last 2 weeks just getting it diagnosed. The diagnosis finally happened last Thursday. Followed by a ridiculously high price. So I said I'd go to my normal mechanic for the work. He doesn't have anyone who can do the detailed work but they could replace a larger bit of equipment for slightly more money, also a ridiculously high price. A third mechanic thinks the diagnosis is crap and wants me to bring my car in. I'm just so tired of dealing with this. I have made 3 different trips to the shop for diagnosis, talked to 3 different mechanics for prices, and am no better off than I was before. And it's taken me 2 weeks to get this far. Plus, Hubby's car also needs brakes which are going to run us $1200 because of 3 little letters: B.M.W. So basically, $2500 in *surprise* repairs have cropped up in the last 2-3 weeks and I just want them to be done and paid for already.
  • My speakers. Hubs bought me speakers with a wireless transmitter that plugs into the computer so you can stream music from your computer to the speakers in other rooms. They worked for 4 months, then stopped. I sent them in for repairs and now I'm fighting with Sony about the outcome because they can't repair them. I will delve into this in another post I'm sure - it will either be singing Sony's praise or ripping them to shreds based on how this all shakes out. This also has been going on for nearly a week.
  • Work. I was in a training course for 2 weeks with an exam at the end. Passing score was 74%. I need to pass this test because I'm expected to teach the course in the next few months. The first time I took the test I got a 71.43%. The second time I got a 73.33%. Also, I've had a work trip to LA tentatively scheduled for the week of July 16th for weeks, if not months. Here we are, 9 days away, and nothing has been confirmed - which means unless confirmation comes in first thing Thursday, this trip is postponed. I have to have the course documents to the printer by Thursday afternoon and I can't do that without payment info that comes with the confirmation of the course. I hate the unprofessionalism of this lack of client commitment, and I'm guessing the sales team hasn't been pushing for it. They take me and my time for granted and it's annoying.
  • My hair. Yes, this is totally stupid but hear me out. I'm graying, ya'll. Like, probably 25% of my hair is gray now. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Anyway. I have to keep up on dying my roots pretty frequently. I've been trying to go blonder and blonder for awhile, starting with my hair dresser last summer. Basically, he was doing a color touch up with highlights. SUPER. EXPENSIVE. Like, $70 for root touch up alone expensive. So when Hubby started school in January, I stopped going to the salon. We're paying for his school out of pocket, so we're trying to be frugal where we can. This is fine - honestly, I'm actually pretty good at hair and the main reason why I went to the salon was because I'd rather spend the money than the time. When I do my own hair, it takes hours. But I've done it, and figured I'd just do it again. I do my roots, then a day or two later, I do my highlights. I do them by pulling my hair through one of those highlighter caps. This takes 2-3 hours. No lie. I've done this 2 times already since Jan without issue, so I did this again last weekend. Saturday I spent 3 hours watching Mad Men and pulling my hair through that stupid cap. I have no idea what I did wrong but my hair came out terribly. My blond looks orangey at the roots, then highlights are not even really highlights as I apparently pulled the entire top layer of my hair through the various me, it looks terrible. So now I've been trying to figure out how to remedy it and in the mean time wearing a lot of ponytails. And I'm annoyed that I have to do that and I'm annoyed that I don't know how it happened and I'm annoyed that I wasted 3 hours of a perfectly good Saturday afternoon for nothing.
  • Other random stuff having to do with others and their moods. Other's moods rub off on me, especially if I'm having a rough day. And my mood has been negatively affected by some moods around me the last few days. There have been arguments (though I am not entirely at fault). There was a style blogger meetup that found me grumpy. Housework I had to do that was difficult for me because Hubs had to go out of town for a funeral. Just all piling up.
Bit by bit these things have been building up. None of them are huge, most of them are merely annoying, but it's put me in a crap mood for the last week or so. I'm hoping this day off will repair a bit of the damage of the last 7 days. TGI4! (Thank goodness it's the 4th?) Or TGIH? (Thank goodness it's a holiday?)

This quote is a bit dramatic in light of what I've just written, but I was originally going to post it sans story, so I thought I'd just leave it.


  1. aww jamie! i am so sorry. man it sounds like a rough week. don't feel bad for feeling bad - sometimes life happens. and i TOTALLY know what you mean when little thing after little thing creeps up and you just want to pop! take some time to relax - drink something cold, watch a movie, read a book, snuggle your hubs - and know that it's gonna be alright in the end. hugs, girl!!

    still being [molly]

    1. Thanks. Had a date night with Hubs last night and am feeling better already!!


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