Friday, July 27, 2012

[OOTD] Can You Hear Me or Do I Need To Turn It Up?

Whew. I finally have time to breathe over here. What a busy week it's been - I usually write my posts the night before they show up on blogger so I've been scraping together rando posts this entire week. Tuesday night we hung out with our new neighbors. Guys, I'm not lying when I say the majority of people who live on our street are members of AARP. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but they're definitely not in our age range. Until a few months ago, anyway - a couple our age bought the house next door. So, last night we had them over for drinks and it turned into hanging out all night. It was so much fun but we didn't have a ton of time outside of that!

And then Wednesday was hubby's birthday, so we celebrated by going to see The Dark Knight Rises - which, if any of you have seen it, is a nearly three hour movie. I love a great movie but man do I have a hard time sitting through a movie that's 2 hours or longer. I get so restless. Anyone else have that problem?

Anyway. It's Thursday night as I write this and I am enjoying catching up on all the crappy reality tv I missed this week - you know, the Bachelorette finale, Bachelor Pad, the Housewives - and catching up on my blog reading and commenting and writing.

Now that I've "talked" your ear off - here are some outfit photos!

Top: Kohl's, $15 | Jeans: Seven for All Mankind via local boutique sale, $65 | Shoes: ShoeLand, $18 | Scarf: Street Market (London), $5 | Sunnies: Florida boutique, $18 | Watch: Target, $13 | Earrings: Ardene's via Canada, $5 | Bracelets: both gifted | Grand total: $139

I've been trying to think of something to add to my blog to make it a little more than a collection of outfit pics. I'm brewing a few ideas and hopefully will be moving on them by next week. Yay!


  1. i am the same way - long movies are TOUGH to watch without feeling tired!! you look great - you have KILLER legs btw (i mean that in the least creepy way possible) - also those pants are the perfect fit for you!

  2. Sometimes it's hard to find time for blogging when life is so busy! The bird print is darling on you and I love that gorgeous scarf! Have a great weekend :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my Daisy Rae giveaway!

  3. I LOVE your top! The print is so cute and fun! Totally agree about long movies. My back starts to hurt and I get a little restless. Can't wait to see Batman though.

    xo Jenny

  4. I just love your top, the print is so cute and charming. You look great!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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