Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Shopping] No More Help Needed!!!

Ya'll are never going to believe this, cause I couldn't myself.

I posted this morning about the BCBGeneration Jubilee shoes. Love. Remember?

I asked for help finding a suitable replacement. And some of you were so kind and so thoughtful as to search for me. I so, so appreciate it. (I'm look at you, Molly!!!)

But search no more.

You guys.

I found a near exact stand-in. And they are Elizabeth & James heels, no less.

I subscribe to all those flash sale sites like I'm sure many of you do. Most of the time I delete the emails without even looking cause goodness knows I'm tempted enough just walking into a Target let alone looking at those sites with amazing clothes at amazing prices.

But today's Rue la la was a shoe sale.

A. SHOE. SALE. Talk about right place, right time, stars aligning type stuff. So of course I had to "just see".

And they had these Elizabeth & James "Love" heels.

Elizabeth & James 'Love' Suede Strappy Sandal

Are these not a dead ringer for the BCBGeneration ones??? 

(in case you forgot what they look like)

Ya'll, I am so pumped. The Elizabeth & James shoes were a teensy bit more than the $40 BCBGeneration ones I found at Ross, but they retail for $250 at Asos compared to the $105 of the BCBGs. And they're in my size!!! Yay for having big feet because these beauties were sold out in every single size below a 9.5.

So, I've bought myself a fun little early birthday present. Woot woot!!!!


  1. YAY!!!! oh man those are PERFECT!!!!!! so so so excited!

  2. Gorgeous! They are both perfect, and look very similar. Can't believe the different in price! LOVE yours!

    xo Jenny


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