Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Shopping] Help!!!

I need help from all you fashionistas out there. I have had my eye on this pair of heels:

Product Images

but I've been hesitant because I already own a pair of cobalt heels and really - I don't need another pair. More than anything, I'm obsessed with the style - the gladiator/cutout/bootie type combo. So I've been looking for a pair in black.

I was shopping at Ross this past weekend and I found these:

In. Love. They are BCBGeneration Jubilees. In black. Be still my heart.

But they only had a size 8.5. No other pair in the entire store. I could actually squeeze the 8.5s on but they were sooooo tight. I usually wear a 9, 9.5, or 10 depending on brand. I loved the way they looked but not the way they felt.

So I went to 2 other Rosses in the last 2 days. I can't find them. Anywhere. I found one other pair, also a size 8.5. I've asked about being able to search other store's inventory and Ross (shocker) can't do that. I've searched online. NO ONE HAS THEM! :( Honestly, if they weren't $40, I would just squeeze my giant feet into the 8.5s and hope they stretch. But unfortunately, that's a bit too much money for a pair of shoes that doesn't quite fit. $20, sure. But not $40.

What I'm hoping is that one of you amazing shoppers will be able to help me find these or something similar in black. Any ideas? Suggestions? I've searched online and can't find them in stock or in my size or in some cases for a decent price (I won't pay $115 for them like one site had them listed at!). I'm totally cool with a lookalike but I haven't been able to find one. Help!!!

On another note - I'm at 42 followers. I'm thinking when I hit 50....it may be time for my very first giveaway? Maybe? :)


  1. girl i will DEFINITELY keep my eye out! in doing a little bit of reward style searching and googling (which searches a bunch of different stores), here's what i've found so far. (option one, option two, option three, or these? option four? i don't know if any of those help but i'll keep looking!!!

  2. great shoe choice, I haven't seen any around for a good price, but I will keep a look out

    xo Jessica


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