Saturday, July 7, 2012

[Life] Weekend Flashback

I've really loved revisiting all the fun pictures I've been scanning into my computer. I'm having fun reliving some of my favorite times of life and thought it would be fun to share here on the blog!

This week? High school graduation!

Ya'll, I'm about to date myself.

I'm a graduate of Nazareth High School, class of.....1999!!!

My friend Jon and Me

My friend Tara and my HS bestie Alison...or should we now call her Dr.?!

Me and my friend Taylore, who went on to play college basketball at UNH

And then what happens after you graduate???


Sorry but you don't get to see those pics. However, I will share this one, which kind of sums up the whole week...

My friend Beth, Ocean City, NJ, Senior week 1999


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