Thursday, August 30, 2012

[OOTD] Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Outfits

You guys, I know I haven't been posting many outfit photos lately. There's just been all these other exciting things to talk about, with trend lists and packing and the like. I'm currently getting situated over yonder in Southampton England, so let's catch up with some outfit posts for the next day or two, shall we?

Top: Express | Skirt:Target maxi dress worn as a skirt | Jacket: Gap | Shoes, Watch: Target | Necklace: Ebay |  Earrings: Payless

Before I was a style blogger, I never would have thought to wear a maxi dress as a skirt. Are there any fun ideas you've picked up from the blogging world??

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Life] Up Up and Away Part Two!

I completely screwed up. This bike fall has really messed up my blogging!!!

I had actually scheduled a week's worth of posts on Friday night, and written a good chunk of them. However, none had pictures. My idea was that I would upload all my pics from my camera on Saturday or Sunday and add them to the posts so that I wouldn't have to worry about neglecting my little blog here while I was busy flying and adjusting to a new time zone.


I scheduled Monday's post on Friday and after the accident that put me out the entire weekend, I only sat down to blog a short bit about it and promptly forgot about my 7-8 unfinished yet scheduled blog posts. 

Then Monday's post posted - unfinished. I had to add the little blurb about updating later what I packed.

And Tuesday's post posted - with nothing in it.

And this morning I scrambled to stop Wednesday's post from posting.

And I just did the same thing again for tomorrow.


All because I was too beat up and out of commission over the weekend.

That means I'm going to finish Monday's post today and then see how things are for the rest of the week.

So what did I pack?

Again: 11 days, 3 days off, 1 day travel, 7 days in the office.

3 scarves - 2 lighter ones and a heavy navy pashmina

6 pairs of shoes - running sneakers, flip flops, 2 heels - 1 closed toe and one open, trendy sandals, and I wore a pair of wedges on the plane (I wasn't going to bring the wedges but at last minute changed my mind)

2 tanks - white and pink

1 cardigan

4 pairs of pants - 2 jeans: 1 skinny and 1 bootcut, 1 pair of cobalt crops, 1 pair black dress pants, plus I wore another pair of jeans - I probably wouldn't have brought so many pairs of jeans except that 2 of the 5 days I'll be working I can wear jeans, which left a possible 6 days of wearing jeans.

3 dresses

8 tops - 3 tank tops, 3 short sleeve, and 2 longer length sleeve

a ridiculous amount of jewelry

This is what my suitcase looked like before I packed my toiletries and hair stuff. Not too shabby for 11 days!

I'll hopefully get to show as we go along what I wore with what, etc....although so far no outfit pics 2 days in. I'll try to get some, even hotel mirror ones!  :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 27, 2012

[Fashion] Up Up and Away!!!

Hello all you lovely ladies and gents!!!

I thought we'd talk a bit about traveling - and packing. That fits in with clothes/fashion, yes?

Tonight I will be boarding a plane at 10:45pm to fly to Heathrow in London. I despise this flight, simply because I don't sleep on planes very well, so when I get there it will only be lunch time and I'll feel like I didn't sleep at all the night before. Oh, well. Small price to pay for a work-funded 2 week trip to the UK, I guess.

Now - packing.

Things to consider:
  • I'm going for 11 days
  • I'll be working 8 of those days
  • Our UK office is FRIGID
  • I can take one bag of 50 lbs or less
  • It will be between 60 and 75 degrees the entire time I'm there, according to
  • I will have 2 days to myself and 1 day where all I'll be doing is hanging out in the airport
That said, I had to be able to pack light, but with variety, and enough ways to mix, match, and use my clothes that I can last for 11 days without doing laundry.

So what did I pack?

I'll post the pics later today.....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

[Life] What's Black, Blue, Red, and Can Type?



Some of you may have seen my instagram/Twitter post yesterday showcasing my latest achievement: breaking my nose.


I fell off my bike yesterday and broke my nose. And sprained the crap out of my right wrist, too.


What I am about to show you is both ugly and embarrassing, but I'm willing to put myself out there because hey, you gotta show the good with the bad.

You guys, that right there is some kinda sexy. And I have a brace for my wrist, so my hubby says I look like a boxer. He said I should tell people I was in a fight instead of the truth. But here it is:

You may know, I enjoy a good workout. In the summer I like to change things up - while I mostly run and go to the gym during the majority of the year, I like to get on my bike in the summer because it's the most bearable form of exercise in the extreme heat we get down here. 

Ya'll are aware I'm leaving for England tomorrow. So I needed to pick up some toiletries from Ulta since what I have won't last me the trip. I thought I'd be efficient - get my errand run and get my exercise all at once. I've ridden roads before, so I thought nothing of it. Ulta is 2.5 miles from my house so off I went.

The road that Ulta is on is 3 lanes in each direction. I was nearing the store and it was on the left side of the street, so I started plotting the best way to get across 6 lanes of traffic on a bicycle. As I was thinking about that, I must have drifted, or perhaps a car off my shoulder startled me - honestly I cannot remember what caused me to get close to the curb, but both of my tires got flush with the curb and down I went.

I face planted. Like, cement sandwich to the face. I chipped my front tooth. My nose started gushing. I was disoriented and in pain and spitting blood. I was sure I had broken my nose. I rolled onto my back as a bunch of people came over to help. 3 cars stopped - there are certainly some good folks in this world - they gave me water and towels to clean my face and stayed until my husband made it to me.

I spent all afternoon at the urgent care center. I have a broken nose which has now manifested itself in a very black eye. But they didn't need to set it which was my biggest fear. My wrist wasn't broken but I still am having a tough time using it cause it's pretty painful. And today I am so. sore. Everywhere. My bike is just fine; the chain came off but that's an easy fix.

But I'm feeling better overall, and I'll be fine. All in all, I didn't come out too badly. Thank the good Lord I was wearing a helmet because I'm pretty sure it would have been significantly worse if I hadn't been. I also think, though, that had there not been a sidewalk and instead had been grass, I may have gotten even luckier.  I'm also thankful I had my cell phone and ID and insurance card and Road ID bracelet. I sometimes don't have all of those things on me so it was lucky I did (although I wear the road ID every time I leave the house to workout - I've been almost hit by cars on so many runs I won't go without it!!).

Regardless, I think it will be a few days before I start putting myself together for outfit posts, so sorry for that. I'll pick it back up when my face is not so purple and blue. Just thought you should know why there may be a gap in outfit photos - I have 4-5 that I haven't posted yet but when they run out I might not have caught up yet.

Anyway. I felt a little bit better talking to my Dad, who bikes 50 miles a day, since he said it's not uncommon to take spills. And my best friend Dan, who is also a biker, has had his fair share of ER visits from falling on his bike. At least I'm in good company. Have you ever fallen off a bike or other piece of workout equipment??

Friday, August 24, 2012

[Shopping] Seriously.


You have to send me this, Payless??

When I'm on a shopping ban????

And you have shoes I'm obsessing over that look like this?

WomensChristian Siriano for PaylessWomen's Lambert Loafer Pump

And this???

WomensChristian Siriano for PaylessWomen's Racquel Side Zip Bootine

And this???

WomensChristian Siriano for PaylessWomen's Isabella Ankle Strap Wedge


Not fair, Payless, not fair.

[Fashion] 14 Trends to Try this Fall

I wrote the other day about my love of gossip magazines, and specifically Life & Style. I think the reason I subscribe to that one and like it best is because they sometimes do a really great Style portion in the magazine. Last week's issue had 14 Trends to Try This Fall and I thought we'd take a look at them!

  1. White Cashmerelove this, although cashmere is generally out of my price range. I only own 3 pieces.
  2. Jeweled Heels: I think just about anything with jewels is fabulous. 
  3. Collar Necklaces: this one I surprisingly like....but I'm not sure how I'd like it on me.  
  4. Oxblood Red: it's a great color but I don't know how I feel about the name....I'm loving all the burgundies and rich dark colors for this fall.
  5. Snakeskin: this one I could take or leave. Don't hate it but don't always love it. Depends on the item! 
  6. Luxe Brocade: I've never thought much about brocade, but I like some of the pieces that are out there.
  7. Geometric Jewelry: some of this is so cute!!! 

  1. Digital Prints: I can't really tell what defines a print as "digital" - what do you think? 
  2. High-Low Skirts: I love these, and so many of you amazing bloggers have been rocking them. They look fab!!!
  3. Frame Bags: another structured purse I don't love - but at least these look a little more like a purse than the camera bag style. I also think with the right outfit a great frame bag will work well.
  4. Black and Blue: the image here showed black and navy - this is by far one of my biggest fashion dislikes - I feel like navy and black together can look like someone thought they were the same color and accidentally put them on. Some ladies in some outfits can pull this off but as a general rule I myself stay away from it.
  5. Tough Girl Jewelry: I really like this - not sure if it's the edginess or what, but I like this one. 
  6. Pointy-toe Pumps: honestly, I never really knew they were "out" - I guess this is a classic shape that you can always keep in your back pocket. But they'll be in the forefront this fall and I love it!!! 
  7. Camera Bags: this seems like an odd shape for a purse. Probably one of my least favorite trends in this pack. 

I can see myself rocking the geometric jewelry, hi-lo skirts, pointy toe pumps, tough girl jewels, and geometric jewelry this fall. I'm definitely hoping to add some of the jewel trends to my accessories as well as get a key piece or two in a rich burgundy. I don't think you'll catch me buying any camera bags any time soon, or mixing navy and black.

Which of these trends do you see yourself trying for the fall?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

[OOTD] Gossip Magazines

I have to admit - trashy magazines are my guilty pleasure. When I say trashy, I mean tabloids and gossip magazines, although I tend to stay away from the ones that are downright ridiculous (like Weekly World News) and gravitate towards the likes of Life & Style, Us, InTouch, etc.

Top: I don't remember without looking at the tag if this is Kohl's or Macy's but I know it was $15 haha | Jeans: Juicy Couture (2002), $130 | Earrings: H&M (I think?), $5 | Necklace: Kohl's, $12 | Ring, Bracelet: Macy's/homemade, both gifted | Shoes: Shoe Carnival, $20 | Watch: Target, $13 | Grand Total: $195 (yeesh the jeans make this one expensive...but I've had them for 10 years so surely they were worth the price!!!)

Usually, when I fly, my guilty pleasure is picking up 3-4 of these and perusing them on my flight. Last year, however, I got a great deal on a Life & Style subscription, so that one now actually comes to my house. Did anyone see the interview with Dita Von Teese in it last week? Holy crow, did she come off as arrogant and cocky. I know little to nothing about her and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

Doh dee doh....don't mind my work badge still clipped to my pants....

For example:
L&S: My favorite cocktails are....
DVT: my two signature drinks, the Cointreau Tease and the Cointreau MargaDita
(italics are mine, and the part that sounds arrogant to me)

L&S: The most decadent meal I've ever had was...
DVT: an $8,000 12-course meal....served by a geisha. You have to be invited to one of those clubs just to meet a geisha.

This is a horrible picture of me with my hair-frizz but I wanted a close up of this fab necklace!!

What are your feelings about Dita Von Teese?

And more importantly, how excited are you that I'm going to see Sugarland tonight???  :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Life] If You Really Knew Me...

I'm sure you all have seen the "If You Really Knew Me" posts, so I'm going to go ahead and hop right on that bandwagon. :)

Without further ado....If you really knew me you'd know...

When I bake, it's always from scratch. My mom is an amazing baker and I've never known it any other way than from scratch. I'd like to think I do pretty well, but I'll never bake as well as her!

My family is the most important thing to me. I cherish every moment that I have with them and hold on tightly to the things that make them special to me - traditions, recipes, etc.

I am scared to death to become a parent but I know it's going to be one of the best things that will ever happen to me.

I am not celebrity-crazy. I enjoy hearing the gossip but I don't get emotionally involved. I've only ever once been obsessive about a celebrity and that was New Kids on the Block when I was 9. Frankly, I think celebrities are just like the rest of us but with a lot more money and cameras in their faces.

In the same vein, I get really annoyed hearing incessantly about a particular celebrity talking point - Rihanna/Chris Brown, Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart, etc. When my morning radio show talks for 10 minutes about Rihanna or Honey Boo Boo, day in and day out, I change the station.

I think every one of us is entitled to our own opinions and no one opinion is definitively right in most cases since opinions are formed from our own personal subjective experiences. I like to think this allows me to be respectful of the opinions of others.

My Family <3

If you really knew me you'd know...

I find shooting a gun at the shooting range empowering. I was never interested in even touching a gun - in fact I was scared to death - but my hubby is ex-military and I figured if he was going to have one in the house I had damn well better learn how to use it. Knowledge is power, and I'm safer knowing how the gun works than pretending it's not there.

Sundays during football season are for the Steelers. Period. I'm also obsessed with college basketball.

I want to move back to Pittsburgh, but I also know it won't be the same Pittsburgh that I left 5 years ago, and that makes me a little sad.

I am the world's worst artist. I can't draw, I'm not creative, and this affects my ability to make my house look pretty.

I am super Type A. My computer contains a ton of random excel spreadsheets and other overly organized files. I waste a lot of time constructing the rigid world I live in (think hours properly naming photo folders or adding to my "to read" or "to watch" lists).

I hardly ever eat red meat, and when I do, it's almost always steak. I make all my burgers from ground turkey or chicken.

I don't understand spending lots of money on workout clothes. I can't imagine justifying $100 on a pair of lululemon pants that I'm only going to sweat up a storm in, especially when you can get a pair of equal quality for half the price.

Steelers Sunday

If you really knew me you'd know...

I am an extrovert. I thrive in a crowd, I love talking to people, and I don't mind being the center of attention - but I'm always nervous that I'm coming off as arrogant and worry that people around me think I'm full of myself when in fact I really just want to be accepted.

The previous statement comes from the fact that I was a total nerd for most of high school and I never felt pretty enough or fun enough or cool enough, even when I started dong well in sports and making friends with the "in" crowd. I think that will always be an underlying current in my life, no matter how comfortable with myself I become.

I consider you a close friend when I'm around you and I no longer worry about the stuff in the previous two statements.

I hate tea. Hate it. Doesn't matter if it's sweetened, unsweetened, hot, cold, flavored - it always tastes nasty to me. I have tried for years to acquire a taste for it and it just isn't going to happen.

I lived on a ship for 3.5 months. I've been to Alaska, Canada, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cuba, Brazil, Spain, England, South Africa, Tanzania, India, South Korea, and Japan, but I haven't traveled much within the US.

I am super picky about vegetables. Mostly due to texture issues and a lack of introduction to them as a child. I love to cook but I always doctor recipes to avoid the veggies I dislike. I also don't taste a lot of what I make for my vegetarian husband for the same reason.

In Japan

If you really knew me you'd know...

My happy place is when I'm dancing.

The beach is my favorite geographical place in the entire world.

Music was my first love and will always be important in my life. I sang in a chorus for years and also took piano lessons, and still sing and play (though I'm by no means great at either!). I come by it honestly - my mom can play piano by ear, my dad played trumpet and sang in a band, and my little brother is in a band that's been playing around Philadelphia for years.

I was a pretty good hurdler in high school and broke a 20 year old school record in the 100m hurdles as a senior.

I love being nostalgic. I love looking through old photos from high school and from college - for as insecure as I was all those years, it sure didn't stop me from having fun. I look back on those experiences fondly.

I hate TV. I'm unhappy with how much of it I watch, but I really enjoy the shows I watch. It's more that I don't like TV because of the time suck it is when there are more beneficial things to be doing. Doesn't make it less enjoyable, though I wish it was!

Ah, nostalgia....freshman year PITT game, 1999

And you'd also know some more serious things about me, like....

Blogging frightens me a bit, because the one thing I strive for in my daily life is to keep from offending/hurting/negatively affecting those I come into contact with, and I worry that I could inadvertently offend someone if I write something that is interpreted in a different way than I meant it.

I hate politics, because I believe it's become more about "my side is right and your side is wrong" instead of the actual issues. If it was about the issues I think we'd see we're all as a whole a lot more middle leaning than the political media makes us out to be. I am so, so, so tired of the finger pointing. The us vs. them. From both sides.

I hate rudeness and I think we as a society have become more rude as technology has advanced. I get so tired of people only paying attention to themselves and not noticing others. This happens more often than it should, and I personally try really hard to always be aware of those around me.

I have no patience for the media glorifying people who make poor choices - ie shows featuring irresponsibility and poor parenting, like Teen Mom and Toddlers and Tiaras. I feel like it condones the type of things that will hurt us as a society by making these folks people we look up to. They're only famous for bad decisions. I understand why people watch, I just wish they hadn't produced the shows in the first place.

I struggle to not be judgmental. It's one of my flaws I am desperately trying to get rid of.

I suffer from what the husband terms "paralysis by analysis" and often end up not making decisions due to over-analyzing.

I'm a bit of a hoarder and I'm working really hard on not being one.

I'm super uncomfortable talking about religion with those I'm not close to. I think it's because it's such a personal thing to me. I'm jealous of those who can speak openly about it, but at the same time it can make me a tiny bit uncomfortable. I wish I felt differently!

Oh, and one more - I'm totally a dog person and am especially in love with this one!
(And I kind of don't love cats...though 5+ of my closest friends own them)

Monday, August 20, 2012

[OOTD] Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, ya'll!! I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend. Mine was nice and lowkey - Friday night we went out for dinner at our new favorite pizza place, Saturday I ran errands and then went to the Jason Mraz concert, and yesterday was filled with a bit of cleaning, finishing season 2 of True Blood, and then a couple beers at our local Taco Mac (if you're not familiar with Taco Mac, it's a pub type restaurant that has the largest changing variety of beers I have ever seen. Hundreds on tap and even more in bottles. It's awesome and you can try so many beers that you can't try anywhere else!). 

Also - you may notice cleaning out the guest room closet is no longer in my sidebar. I went to the Container Store and got an over the door shoe rack to tackle the shoe mess in the closet and now the cleanout is finally done! There will be pictures later this week.

On to the outfit of the day....guys, I'm still working off of old pictures from my old camera, and these are of an especially shoddy quality. I'm also still not 100% awesome at using my new fab camera, though I bought a go-at-your-own-pace course that I'm working through to better understand how to use all the new functions on the new camera. So, bear with me a bit longer on the crappy photography. I have a few cute outfits shot with poor lighting conditions with my old, not so awesome camera.

Top: TJ Maxx, old | Jeans: Gap, old (2004!!) | Shoes: Payless, summer 2010 | Watch, Earrings: Target, $13, $? | Bracelet, Necklaces: gifted (bracelet from my mom, add-a-pearl necklace from my grandmother, butterfly necklace from my friend Amanda) | Ring: F21, spring 2012 but I don't remember what I paid | No grand total today since I can't remember what I paid for most of this outfit! :)


Sunday, August 19, 2012

[Random] Sunday Soup #5

This week's favorite links, stories, laughs, and pics:

The Avengers 2 release date May 1, 2015 "get in losers we're going to do science" science boyfriends

What a Trashy Picture!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

[Quotable] Anger

This one was actually pertinent to my life this week...though I was on the receiving end and not the giving end.

Quote by Ambrose Bierce

Friday, August 17, 2012

[OOTD] If the Devil Brought You Roses...

Whew. It's Friday. Seemed to take forever to get here, didn't it?? I sure thought so!!

I have something very important to say. Ok, maybe not that important, but I'm going to say it anyway. I haven't shopped in 2 weeks. I bought myself a little necklace at Tybee on my birthday, and I ordered those few items I mentioned with my birthday cash, but I haven't been in a store to shop in 2 weeks. And if I'm being honest, I'm pretty sure that's the only reason why I haven't shopped.

Part of me is super surprised I haven't, because the thought has crossed my mind a few times. But the other part of me has found that it's not too hard as long as I convince myself not to stop anywhere that could tempt me. (I haven't been in a Target for over 2 weeks. This is some kind of milestone for me!!!) We'll see how this goes for the next 2 weeks - I'm thinking about allowing myself one afternoon of popping into a few UK-exclusive shops when I'm over there - like TopShop - but I'm not walking into a single store we have over here (I'm looking at you, H&M!!!).

How about we end the week with an outfit?

Top: H&M, old | Pants: JCPenney, $17 | Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory, old | Scarf, Neclace: London street market, $5, $20 | Bracelets: F21, Macy's; $3, gifted | Watch: Target, $13 | Grand Total: $58+

After seeing these pictures, I'm not sure I like these shoes. They look kind of goofy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

[Fashion] PeopleStylewatch Trends

Yesterday I got an email from People Stylewatch asking "Obsessed or Hot Mess?" in reference to eight celebrity trends, and I thought it would be fun to play along here on the bloggy blog.

First one: Fingerless Gloves

Frankly, I didn't even know these were a "thing" any more. But apparently they are. Madonna brought them out the first time 20+ years ago and she's trying to bring them back again.


I think these are a hot mess. I didn't love them in the 80s and I still don't love them now. If we're going to talk gloves, I love the elbow length, elegant ones. Not ones missing half their fabric. 88% of StyleWatch readers agreed. What do you think?

Trend Two: Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Again, these are a thing - for adults? Yes, according to Drew Barrymore.


These I can't see on anyone over the age of 12. I had a red pair of these as a child. I do not like them for adults. While I'm sure the aim in "young and funky" I don't quite think it works. However, only 46% agreed. I was surprised by that one!

Trend Three: Shorteralls

Say what the what?!? Wtf are "shorteralls"??? Well, let me enlighten you. They are overalls that are shorts!!! I've honestly never gotten into the return of overalls so these guys get a big fat EEWW from me.

These were voted a Hot Mess with 79% of the vote. Your opinion?

Trend Four: Head To Toe Animal Print

This one I was on the fence about. The picture showed in the article was this one:

I'm sorry, Gwen, but that is entirely too much animal print. However, I would vote this trend a potential "Obsessed" if it was a pattern mix of animal prints (in the right outfit) or if it were a long animal print maxi. But if we're talking about the above picture? I once again need to say HOT MESS. And 81% agreed.

Trend Five: Shredded Denim

Wow!!! One I finally can say obsessed to!!! I love shredded denim. I don't know what it is, but cutoffs and torn/ripped jeans have always been sexy to me.

Love this one! What do you think? I was shocked to see 82% marked this a Hot Mess!!!

Trend Six: Body Chains

I've just started to see these this past summer. Honestly, I think that done right, these can be pretty darn hot. However, I don't think it's a trend that just anyone (myself included) can pull off, and I don't think it's an "average girl"'s trend.


What do you think? 22% said Obsessed.

Trend Seven: Tea Length Gowns

This one isn't really fair; I personally hate tea length gowns, just because of how they fit on my body. However, I think a lot of ladies can pull off this length dress quite beautifully. The example StyleWatch used was Natalie Portman's wedding dress. I really don't like this length for a wedding gown if the gown is full and poofy, like Ms Portman's.


What's your opinion? This one was close. 43% obsessed.

Trend Eight: Fringed Boots

Ok, you guys, I hate these. I think they're fugly. I think they fall right in the line of Uggs, which I also sevely dislike. But that's all personal preference.


What do you think? I expected these to have a pretty high % that liked it, but it was also close - 52% love and 48% don't.

So - will you be trying any of these trends any time soon? Do you already wear some of these? What do you think of them?