Sunday, August 26, 2012

[Life] What's Black, Blue, Red, and Can Type?



Some of you may have seen my instagram/Twitter post yesterday showcasing my latest achievement: breaking my nose.


I fell off my bike yesterday and broke my nose. And sprained the crap out of my right wrist, too.


What I am about to show you is both ugly and embarrassing, but I'm willing to put myself out there because hey, you gotta show the good with the bad.

You guys, that right there is some kinda sexy. And I have a brace for my wrist, so my hubby says I look like a boxer. He said I should tell people I was in a fight instead of the truth. But here it is:

You may know, I enjoy a good workout. In the summer I like to change things up - while I mostly run and go to the gym during the majority of the year, I like to get on my bike in the summer because it's the most bearable form of exercise in the extreme heat we get down here. 

Ya'll are aware I'm leaving for England tomorrow. So I needed to pick up some toiletries from Ulta since what I have won't last me the trip. I thought I'd be efficient - get my errand run and get my exercise all at once. I've ridden roads before, so I thought nothing of it. Ulta is 2.5 miles from my house so off I went.

The road that Ulta is on is 3 lanes in each direction. I was nearing the store and it was on the left side of the street, so I started plotting the best way to get across 6 lanes of traffic on a bicycle. As I was thinking about that, I must have drifted, or perhaps a car off my shoulder startled me - honestly I cannot remember what caused me to get close to the curb, but both of my tires got flush with the curb and down I went.

I face planted. Like, cement sandwich to the face. I chipped my front tooth. My nose started gushing. I was disoriented and in pain and spitting blood. I was sure I had broken my nose. I rolled onto my back as a bunch of people came over to help. 3 cars stopped - there are certainly some good folks in this world - they gave me water and towels to clean my face and stayed until my husband made it to me.

I spent all afternoon at the urgent care center. I have a broken nose which has now manifested itself in a very black eye. But they didn't need to set it which was my biggest fear. My wrist wasn't broken but I still am having a tough time using it cause it's pretty painful. And today I am so. sore. Everywhere. My bike is just fine; the chain came off but that's an easy fix.

But I'm feeling better overall, and I'll be fine. All in all, I didn't come out too badly. Thank the good Lord I was wearing a helmet because I'm pretty sure it would have been significantly worse if I hadn't been. I also think, though, that had there not been a sidewalk and instead had been grass, I may have gotten even luckier.  I'm also thankful I had my cell phone and ID and insurance card and Road ID bracelet. I sometimes don't have all of those things on me so it was lucky I did (although I wear the road ID every time I leave the house to workout - I've been almost hit by cars on so many runs I won't go without it!!).

Regardless, I think it will be a few days before I start putting myself together for outfit posts, so sorry for that. I'll pick it back up when my face is not so purple and blue. Just thought you should know why there may be a gap in outfit photos - I have 4-5 that I haven't posted yet but when they run out I might not have caught up yet.

Anyway. I felt a little bit better talking to my Dad, who bikes 50 miles a day, since he said it's not uncommon to take spills. And my best friend Dan, who is also a biker, has had his fair share of ER visits from falling on his bike. At least I'm in good company. Have you ever fallen off a bike or other piece of workout equipment??


  1. No major bike injuries but I have eaten it on the treadmill a few times. Thanks for the reminder about the importance of the road id. I have gotten lax about putting mine on. Glad you are (mostly) okay.

  2. Wow. You really did take a spill. I can feel your pain from here.

    So far I've only fallen off my current bike once and it was a low-speed tumble onto grass. I've tripped while running, though, and scraped up my palms.

    And, yes, those Road IDs really come in handy! I wear mine every time I exercise, too.

    I hope everything heals quickly!

  3. Oh my, I hope you are okay and recover from your spill ASAP.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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  4. OH MY GOSH! Jamie! you poor thing!!!!!! i am so sorry about your fall. i'm glad you're okay!! i have fallen off a bike before and it's NO bueno :(


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