Monday, August 13, 2012

[52] 52 in 52: the Movie Version

Happy Monday, ya'll!!! I had an awesome weekend - I hope you did, too!!! Friday I took advantage of my hubby going out with the boys and blasted my music, drank some wine, and worked on my closet cleanout. Then I flopped down on the couch and caught up on bachelor pad. All kinds of guilty pleasures, I tell you!!

Saturday we had lunch at Bassano's Pizzeria with our friends Robert and Laura, then went to a birthday party for my friend Heather. Sunday was spent on the boat with some friends and grilling out for dinner when we got home!

Now down, to today's topic at hand.

My girl Molly, who I've mentioned many times before and I'm linking up with today for #YOLOMondays, does this cool weekly post where she and her husband go to a new restaurant each week for a year. Inspired by this, I am doing my own 52 in 52. But there's a big difference.

Guys, I'm a movie moron. No kidding. When people quote movies, I usually have no idea what they're talking about. All those movies that "everyone's seen" - I probably haven't. People will say something like "well, you've seen _______" and 80%+ of the time I have never seen the movie in the blank.

You think I'm joking?

I'm not.

I've never seen Pretty In Pink. Or the Godfather. Or Thelma & Louise. Sixteen Candles. Dead Poets Society. Dazed and Confused. The Matrix. Driving Miss Daisy. Fatal Attraction. Platoon. Porky's. Rain Man. Steel Magnolias. Breakfast at Tiffany's. The Big Lebowski. a Fish Called Wanda. Blazing Saddles. Wayne's World. Airplane! Swingers. Dodgeball. Four Weddings and a Funeral. Napoleon Dynamite. The Blues Brothers. My Cousin Vinny. The Terminator. Risky Business. Alien. Die Hard. Fast Times at Ridgemont High. When Harry Met Sally. St. Elmo's Fire. Field of Dreams. Caddyshack. Stand By Me. Out of Africa. Saving Private Ryan. Silence of the Lambs. Deliverance. Dances with Wolves. Shawshank Redemption. Philadelphia. The Usual Suspects. PCU. Revenge of the Nerds. Eurotrip. Wonder Boys. The Graduate. Brokeback Mountain. ANCHORMAN for goodness' sake!!! I have seen none of these. You thought I was joking, didn't you?

I know. I'm a disgrace. But not for long.

I'm going to attempt to watch a new movie I haven't seen, a "classic" or "must-see" that everyone seems to have seen but me, each and every week for a year.

I need some help, though. What movies do you think are considered "must-see"? Is there a great list on the interwebs somewhere that I should use as reference?? Tell me what I'm missing!!

ALSO: if you are a movie moron like me and want to do this with me, join on in! I'll try and pick the movie at least a few days in advance so you can hunt it down and watch.



  1. I love this idea, Jamie! It looks like you've already got yourself a long list of movies that you should see :) I'd start with those!

    The Tiny Heart
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  2. Just swinging by to say hi from YOLO! Hope you have a great start to the week. I am celebrating reaching 200 GFC followers on the blog. Giving away some of my favorite things :) You can enter here:
    Talk to ya later!

  3. Hey Jamie, thanks for your comment! You have a really nice blog! New follower!

  4. YES! BEST IDEA EVER. SO glad you were inspired!! oh man and HOLY MOLY. you NEED to see those movies. can't wait to hear your reviews!!! thanks for linking up, girl!


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