Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Life] Up Up and Away Part Two!

I completely screwed up. This bike fall has really messed up my blogging!!!

I had actually scheduled a week's worth of posts on Friday night, and written a good chunk of them. However, none had pictures. My idea was that I would upload all my pics from my camera on Saturday or Sunday and add them to the posts so that I wouldn't have to worry about neglecting my little blog here while I was busy flying and adjusting to a new time zone.


I scheduled Monday's post on Friday and after the accident that put me out the entire weekend, I only sat down to blog a short bit about it and promptly forgot about my 7-8 unfinished yet scheduled blog posts. 

Then Monday's post posted - unfinished. I had to add the little blurb about updating later what I packed.

And Tuesday's post posted - with nothing in it.

And this morning I scrambled to stop Wednesday's post from posting.

And I just did the same thing again for tomorrow.


All because I was too beat up and out of commission over the weekend.

That means I'm going to finish Monday's post today and then see how things are for the rest of the week.

So what did I pack?

Again: 11 days, 3 days off, 1 day travel, 7 days in the office.

3 scarves - 2 lighter ones and a heavy navy pashmina

6 pairs of shoes - running sneakers, flip flops, 2 heels - 1 closed toe and one open, trendy sandals, and I wore a pair of wedges on the plane (I wasn't going to bring the wedges but at last minute changed my mind)

2 tanks - white and pink

1 cardigan

4 pairs of pants - 2 jeans: 1 skinny and 1 bootcut, 1 pair of cobalt crops, 1 pair black dress pants, plus I wore another pair of jeans - I probably wouldn't have brought so many pairs of jeans except that 2 of the 5 days I'll be working I can wear jeans, which left a possible 6 days of wearing jeans.

3 dresses

8 tops - 3 tank tops, 3 short sleeve, and 2 longer length sleeve

a ridiculous amount of jewelry

This is what my suitcase looked like before I packed my toiletries and hair stuff. Not too shabby for 11 days!

I'll hopefully get to show as we go along what I wore with what, etc....although so far no outfit pics 2 days in. I'll try to get some, even hotel mirror ones!  :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. wow you packed A LOT of jewelry! love it. sorry about all the craziness!! hope you're feeling better


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