Friday, August 24, 2012

[Fashion] 14 Trends to Try this Fall

I wrote the other day about my love of gossip magazines, and specifically Life & Style. I think the reason I subscribe to that one and like it best is because they sometimes do a really great Style portion in the magazine. Last week's issue had 14 Trends to Try This Fall and I thought we'd take a look at them!

  1. White Cashmerelove this, although cashmere is generally out of my price range. I only own 3 pieces.
  2. Jeweled Heels: I think just about anything with jewels is fabulous. 
  3. Collar Necklaces: this one I surprisingly like....but I'm not sure how I'd like it on me.  
  4. Oxblood Red: it's a great color but I don't know how I feel about the name....I'm loving all the burgundies and rich dark colors for this fall.
  5. Snakeskin: this one I could take or leave. Don't hate it but don't always love it. Depends on the item! 
  6. Luxe Brocade: I've never thought much about brocade, but I like some of the pieces that are out there.
  7. Geometric Jewelry: some of this is so cute!!! 

  1. Digital Prints: I can't really tell what defines a print as "digital" - what do you think? 
  2. High-Low Skirts: I love these, and so many of you amazing bloggers have been rocking them. They look fab!!!
  3. Frame Bags: another structured purse I don't love - but at least these look a little more like a purse than the camera bag style. I also think with the right outfit a great frame bag will work well.
  4. Black and Blue: the image here showed black and navy - this is by far one of my biggest fashion dislikes - I feel like navy and black together can look like someone thought they were the same color and accidentally put them on. Some ladies in some outfits can pull this off but as a general rule I myself stay away from it.
  5. Tough Girl Jewelry: I really like this - not sure if it's the edginess or what, but I like this one. 
  6. Pointy-toe Pumps: honestly, I never really knew they were "out" - I guess this is a classic shape that you can always keep in your back pocket. But they'll be in the forefront this fall and I love it!!! 
  7. Camera Bags: this seems like an odd shape for a purse. Probably one of my least favorite trends in this pack. 

I can see myself rocking the geometric jewelry, hi-lo skirts, pointy toe pumps, tough girl jewels, and geometric jewelry this fall. I'm definitely hoping to add some of the jewel trends to my accessories as well as get a key piece or two in a rich burgundy. I don't think you'll catch me buying any camera bags any time soon, or mixing navy and black.

Which of these trends do you see yourself trying for the fall?


  1. i loveeee the maroons / oxblood / bordeaux whatever color. i also LOVE the tough girl jewelry!!

  2. I love the collar necklaces trend, I need one! Have a great weekend, Jamie!

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  3. nice blog!!follow you now, I hope you do the same!

  4. Thank you for sharing this fall trends post! I'm not a regular style magazine reader, but I get a LOT of inspiration from the web and fellow bloggers. And I love it more when they put it in a simply post like this so I can have an idea of what's coming next. As a jewelry girl I don't think I have any issues trying on any of the new geometrical jewelry, collar necklaces or the tough girl jewelry trends!

    I've been browsing you blog and I have to confess that I enjoyed your post If You Really Knew Me... and your Indian wedding picture! You looked so gorgeous in that wedding dress!


  5. I think the key to wearing black and blue together is that they have to be very visibly not close to the same color. Otherwise, yeah, it looks like they got dressed in the dark!


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