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[Round-Up] July 2012

Ok, ya'll. Here's my monthly sidebar roundup with commentary!

This month....

I read:

Let's talk about these books altogether. First let me get this out of the way: the writing is atrocious. The author herself has admitted this, and generally this turns me off from a book. Secondly, we all know there is a lot of rather risque content in these books. I'm not even going to bother with that when talking about the book because it definitely adds a little somethin somethin but I also believe that it's kind of an aside in this whole thing. Lastly, and this goes hand in hand with the horrific writing, some of the plot action happened in a way that made me laugh because it was so unrealistic. Like, some character changes happen so quickly and it's ridiculous. 

Looking past all of that - I surprisingly really enjoyed these books. I think there are a number of reasons for that. Let me first say that I tend to enjoy the "dark and twisty" type of story. I'm not one for fluff and flowers in books - I like a story with grit, with grime, with a little something sinister and surprising. I don't like to be able to see the end coming a mile away (now, don't get me wrong - you can see a lot coming a mile away in 50 Shades but this is an exception for me). Fluff and flowers has its place, but I like the unexpected. Some of my favorite books are 1984, The Book Thief, Lolita, The Road, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Glass Castle, and White Oleander, to give a frame of reference. 

I thought the Fifty Shades books were just dark enough to reel me in, in light of the stuff mentioned above. I felt that though the author didn't write well, I could see the story she was trying to write. It was a story of a very, very broken man and a naive lovestruck girl, and the connection between past and present, cause and effect, and how the past shapes the future. I liked the angle because his lifestyle is not one most of us know or think about, and the story was raw, racy, and thought provoking to me. I really felt that I saw the vision the author had for these characters, for the story, and for the progression of character, and I found it enthralling. 

There are a lot of opinions out there on these books and everyone is entitled to feel how they feel about it. One of the biggest complaints about this book is the controlling relationship between Ana and Christian. Frankly, I think that's exactly why the book is so catching. I'm not saying it's right. Any smart woman should see it for that. But it may make you think. And without giving away anything, I think you can become understanding of the struggle as you move through the books. 

I enjoyed the books for the darkness, for the different, for the sheer idea of the evolution of Christian Grey. I also don't think you can get the full effect without reading all 3 books. The characters you meet in book 1 are not the same characters as you leave in book 3, and to me, that was part of the appeal of the books. The evolution (though the fairly quick character turns are obviously a bit too easy). Overall, I found the series intriguing and thought provoking, with some definite spice.

I listened to:

{Wild Ones - Flo Rida}

This is a great cd to get up and dance!! Only one song on here I'm not a fan of - Wild Ones. I freakin hate that song. The girl sounds like a dying animal with her ooooooooooooo in the chorus. Ugh. Sorry if you love that song, just don't play it around me.

{Chopin (Preludes) - Philippe Guisiano}
(If you've read Fifty Shades you might guess

Been playing this one at work as I study client architecture. Good if you like classical.

{When the Devil's Loose - A.A. Bondy}

Into singer-songwriter?? Listen to this album!!!!

I wore:

{a French manicure}

I have been hearing these are out of style for about 5 years now. Yet gals seem to still wear them with alarming frequency. Frankly, I think they're clean and classic. I will occasionally sport the French mani for years to come, no doubt.

{Wet N Wild Grey Area}

{Revlon Silver Switch on ring fingers}

I actually really liked the little pop on the ring finger, but my husband was not a fan. He asked "why is your one finger a different color??" and my answer was met with a grunt. Not a believer in the trend, that man.

{Sally Hansen Choco-Latte}

{Revlon Minted on ring fingers}

I liked this color combination but every time I wear the Choco-Latte color, I have to put on so many coats to make it a darker color than my skin tone. This might be one to just get rid of. But it's such a nice nude!!!

I worked on:

Cleaning out/straightening up my second closet in the guest room.

Guys, I'm still working on this. It's my shoes. I got all my handbags and hats and scarves organized but the sheer number of shoes to organize is making it daunting to even start.

I saw:

{The Amazing Spider-Man}

Surprisingly really liked this!!! I'm not always a fan of the superhero movie but this one was good. I thought Andrew Garfield did an excellent job as Spiderman.

{The Dark Knight Rises}

I loved this movie. However, it was 2.75 hours long. I did get a bit restless, not gonna lie. At least the movie was good cause if it was bad those would have been some looooong hours.

And watched on TV:

{The Sopranos}

I cannot get into this. We've watched 4 episodes and I still feel like picking up a magazine and only half-paying attention after about 10 minutes. Does it get better? Like Mad Men?

{The Bachelorette}

Love this show though Emily is not my favorite. Thought Jef ended up being a good pick. Ready to see who will be the Bachelor next!!! Sean?? Anyone??


  1. I loved the 50 shades series too---and the book theif! So good!
    I heard Roberto (from Ali's season) was going to be the next bachelor.

  2. I love this round up! You know I love me some bachelorette :) I don't plan on reading 50 shades.. for a number of reasons... BUT i do like hearing from people who have read them

  3. I'm one the last 50 Shades book and I agree that the writing is bad (how many times is she going to say "inner goddess"?!) but the story reeled me in. I can't wait for the movie!

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