Thursday, August 30, 2012

[OOTD] Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Outfits

You guys, I know I haven't been posting many outfit photos lately. There's just been all these other exciting things to talk about, with trend lists and packing and the like. I'm currently getting situated over yonder in Southampton England, so let's catch up with some outfit posts for the next day or two, shall we?

Top: Express | Skirt:Target maxi dress worn as a skirt | Jacket: Gap | Shoes, Watch: Target | Necklace: Ebay |  Earrings: Payless

Before I was a style blogger, I never would have thought to wear a maxi dress as a skirt. Are there any fun ideas you've picked up from the blogging world??


  1. LOVE THIS LOOK, JAMIE! pinnnnnned! i totally wore a maxi as a skirt and would never have thought to. love blogging!

  2. Love it, I wear dresses as skirts all the time now thanks to blogging land!


  3. This is such a pretty look, Jamie! I also have a hot pink maxi so I'm totally making mental notes on how you styled it here :)

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