Saturday, September 1, 2012

[Roundup] August 2012

This month...

I read:

{State of Wonder - Ann Patchett}

I wasn't really a fan of this book. I don't want to get into why, because it could ruin it for others, but it was long and drawn out through most of the book and I just wanted to yell "move on already!!!!"

{Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris}

Of course I enjoyed this book just as I've enjoyed all the other Sookie Stackhouse novels.

I listened to:

{Legend - Bob Marley}

An old favorite that is perfect for summertime!!!

{Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway}

Seeing Kelly in concert gave me reason to break this album out again. Forgot how much I love nearly every single song on this album!!!

{Love is a Four Letter Word - Jason Mraz}

Listened to this a lot since I went to the concert. This album is hit or miss for me - I don't love every song on it but there are some gems if you're a fan of this style!

{Christina Perri - lovestrong.}

I found most of the album to be a bit slow - some great stuff here, but not upbeat enough to be in constant rotation for me.

{Sugarland - The Incredible Machine}

Broke this one out for the concert - forgot how much I love this album!!! Love rediscovering older favorites.

I wore on my nails:

{Essie Super Bossa Nova}

{OPI Manicurist of Seville}

{Wet N Wild Eggplant Frost}

{Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac}

{Sinful Colors Mint Apple}

I worked on:

Cleaning out/straightening up my second closet in the guest room - and FINISHED!!

Cleaning out nightstands and under bed in the guest room - and FINISHED!!

Right now, my guest room is near perfection in terms of organization. Everything that we keep in there has a purpose and a "place to live" which is one of my biggest goals for my house right now. We have a lot of clutter (because of me) and disarray and I'm slowly working through each room in the house and determining if the items in it are to be kept or tossed, and if they're to be kept, figuring out where that space is. The end goal is to have nothing in our house that isn't either functional or significant, and nothing in the house that doesn't have a home.

The last thing to do in the guest room is to create some sort of headboard type wall decoration, and to reorganize the decorative shelves on the wall. We have some shelves up there but I don't like the current arrangement. That's the last item to do for the guest room.

I watched on TV:

{The Summer Olympics}

{Bachelor Pad}

{True Blood}


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