Monday, September 10, 2012

[Fashion] But Tonight, I'm Cleanin Out My Closet

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As I've mentioned briefly in previous posts, I finally got around to cleaning the closet in our guest room, which is where I keep my shoes, bags, cardis/blazers/etc, and hats. It was such a mess and the biggest problem was shoes.

I'm so excited to have it done!!

Stupid me, I didn't take before pictures. But this is what it looks like now!

The top shelf holds my overnight bag (that gorgeous Vera Bradley duffle....a bridesmaid's gift from one of my best friends when I was in her wedding!!) and a bunch of sweater cardigans that will end up with goofy shoulders if they're on hangars. The second shelf is hats and purses/bags. That shelf still looks a little sloppy but at least everything is there in one place. Hanging on the left side are all my sweatshirts/cardis/blazers, and the rest is shoes. That plastic container holds all my flat sandals - it keeps them together and it's easy enough to sift through. Just yesterday I added some hooks to the back wall behind the bin and have been hanging my statement necklaces there to free up room in my armoire. (Ok, I think that's spelled right but Blogger says it isn't and gives no relevant suggestion, so I'm gonna go with Blogger just doesn't use the word armoire much).

Close up of shelves

Closeup of bottom

Now I'm sure you all remember when I said my problem was shoes. I have lots of shoes. I don't even want to tell you how many. I blame the fact that I have been the same shoe size since I was 11, I love a great deal on shoes, I love picking up trends, and the majority of my shoes aren't worn day in and day out so they keep in really great shape. order to make my closet look like it does above....

I got this for over the door in the guest room. The shoes on the left are angled in and one shoe only for a reason - if I had pairs there the door would sit so that the doorway shrank considerably. Putting those last shoes on like they are lets the door sit at a much better angle.

So - how do you store your shoes, bags, hats, etc? Have you written about it on your blog? If so, leave me a link!!

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  1. i have a little tub by my closet that i store all my bags in - i wanna find a better way to store them, but for now it works well!

  2. Oh, man - I have the worst organized closet ever haha I got as far as color coordinating my closet and calling it a day! I love the way you organized everything!

  3. Wow, great job! I only keep half of my shoes out at a time because I have so many. ;) I've been wearing the same size since third grade and you're right the more shoes you have the less wear they get. ;) Here is a post I did last year on closet organization. I will probably be doing another one soon when I change my summer clothes for my fall ones. ;) Closet Organization

  4. nice job!! I really need to organize my closets!!

  5. I am struggling with closet organization right now myself. I have way too many bags! I like the over the door rack for shoes, it's so good to be able to see everything. Here is a link to how I organize my bags:

    Thanks for commenting on my EBEW post!


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