Saturday, September 1, 2012

[Coming Soon] 50 Follower Giveaway!

W00t W00t!!!

I hit 50 fabulous followers.

I think that's call for my very first.....GIVEAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY (say that like Oprah would)!

Originally, I thought it would be fun to make the super trendy, super hard to find neon Saved By the Bell nail collection part of my giveaway....until I tried to find it.

You guys, that nail set is harder to find than something that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

I was able to find 4 of the 6 polishes, and only one of each at that. The Jessie and Slater polishes are uber elusive. I went to 10+ (yes, you read that right - MORE THAN TEN) CVS's in search of this collection and only ONE even had them at all. And that one had 4 of the colors. So no neon polishes.

But....this giveaway is much more fun!

Right now, ya'll know I'm in England. Guess what that means?.......

Today, I'm going shopping, at some fabulous UK only establishments. And what will I pick up? Oh, just a little somethin somethin to giveaway on my blog! And of course, hopefully some things for me, too. :)

Keep an eye out for the giveaway coming next week!!! :)

(Side note - even though I started my shopping ban on Aug 7/8ish, since I didn't actually shop since Aug 3. I'm calling it 4 weeks complete, near a month, and am allowing myself a bit of shopping that I can't do at home, at least not in store!)


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