Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Ok, everyone - it's that time! My very first giveaway!!!

I'm going to make this post short and sweet. There are four items in this giveaway, all purchased in the UK.

First, let's start with the 2 little novelty items in the giveaway:

Primark nail polish wipes. There's nothing special about these guys, but I love having nail polish remover in a form that is easy to travel with and can be used in a pinch: when you've got that big interview and you realize you're wearing neon nail polish and it may be too loud for the conservative office, or you're headed out the door for a big night out and you realize your polish is chipped. Love these!!!

I thought this wash mitt was SO CUTE. Another Primark find.

Now, onto my favorite items and the real stuff I'm giving away!!!

A black and silver leaf ring from the Limited Collection at Marks & Spencer. I. love. this. ring. I actually bought one for myself, too. :) This ring is a size M/L, which is probably around an 8. My middle finger is a 7-7.5 and my pointer is an 8-8.5, and I can wear this same size on both fingers, though it's a wee bit loose on the middle finger. See below for what it looks like on!

The last item - and my favorite item!! - a pair of geometric earrings from Topshop. Love, love, love these!!! They're super on trend for the fall as geometric jewelry is huge this season, and I love the pop of color in the yellow centers!

The silver part is mirrored, which you can see in the shot below. These are pierced earrings.


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  1. YES! awesome giveaway!!! i am not gonna lie... i love the mitt. so fun! and so unique. congrats, jamie!!! <3

  2. I think the ring is very unique and beautiful!

  3. I love the Topshop Geometric Earrings
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