Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Fashion] Fall Wishlist/Weekend Shopping

One last reminder...my giveaway ends tonight at midnight!!

I got to do a little bit of shopping this past weekend and just wanted to do a quick update:

(remember last week's list?)

#4. I tried on the mint shirt at Target. It was too tight in the chest in a medium and too big in the waist as a large. I also tried on a similar mint shirt at Old Navy and just didn't love it. I'm questioning keeping this one on my list because so far I haven't really loved one I've tried on.

Mint shirt at Target - entirely too tight in the chest - I couldn't comfortably move my arms.

Mint shirt at Old Navy - I'm not sure how I feel about this one - I didn't love it at the time but looking at the pic in real size it doesn't look half bad...what do you think?

#6. Bought this at Old Navy this weekend. It was $30 and I had a 20% off coupon, so got it for $24. It was the last medium at the second store, and the first store I went to didn't have it any more. Still thinking about getting the ModCloth scarf, too. :)

#12. Found a great grey shirt on sale at the Gap for $9!! So I could cross that one off the list.

Making some progress.... still can't find that cream shirt, and I really want to scoop up the polka dots and burgundy pants next!!

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  1. love the grey shirt and i actually really like the mint shirt from old navy! i think it looks great!


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