Monday, September 17, 2012

[Beauty] Polish Swap!!

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I've been super excited for this post ever since I got my polishes, so I'm pretty psyched the day has arrived. :)

Carly of Lipgloss and Crayons and Rachel of Lala Lists put together this fun little polish swap a few weeks back and I immediately joined in. As with many swaps, each of us was matched with a swap partner whom we would buy for - this time it was nail polish!

I am a nail polish fiend. I probably have near to 100 bottles. Yes. It's true. I get on these kicks where I'll buy about 10 new polishes in a 2 week time span and then forget about buying any for a month or two. It was super fun to this time go out and get polishes for someone else and to be surprised with their picks for me!!

I was partnered with Angela from Please Mommy No More Daddies. The swap was simple: each person would buy their partner two polishes - as part of the entry we had to give a little blurb about what we like to help guide our swap partner. The polishes could be any brand, any price - as long as there were two.

I had one simple guideline for Angela: nothing sparkly!! Don't get me wrong, I like sparkles as much as the next girl, and occasionally I'll wear a fun sparkly polish - but man, those things are hard to get off your nails!

So with my simple guide, Angela picked out two awesome polishes for me. (Unfortunately, I didn't get to try them since I was traveling for work when they arrived).

Polish 1:

Maybelline ColorShow Tenacious Teal

and polish 2:

Sinful Colors Hazard

I love both of these! I'm super into the bold nail, and the teal is definitely a nice, bold color. And the peach? So stylish right now!! It's almost a muted coral - gorgeous and will look great with so many things! Angela did a great job choosing polishes, and I can't wait to wear them!

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  1. That teal is gorgeous!!! I might have to try and find it!

  2. I love that teal! So pretty!


  3. ahh my new fav color combo!!!! glad you had fun!!

  4. i'm so glad you love your new colors. :)


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