Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[OOTD] All I Ask Is Please, Please Love Me

{Guess the song lyrics in the post title!! 1,000 points to the reader who gets it without looking it up online! hehe}

How about an outfit, eh?

(Awesome face, Jamie!!!)
Dress: Old Navy (spring '12), $25 | Shrug (or "shrump" as my hubby calls it): old, ? | Shoes: Shoe Carnival, $15 | Watch: New York & Company, $10 | Necklace: J Crew via Ebay, $15 | Ring: old, ? | Grand Total: $65+

You guys - I don't think I like the shrug. I wish I had gotten a pic without it because that's what I wore most of the day and into the night when I had book club. BUT - I didn't. What do you think?

I actually spent Friday night working on that closet cleanout that's been in my sidebar for over a month now - and I tried on/took pictures of every single piece of what I call "overwear". The closet in the guest room contains my purses, scarves, shoes, hats, and "overwear" - wtf is overwear, you ask? It's basically anything I usually don't wear without something underneath. For example - cardigans, button up sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, blazers.

So, I took all these pictures to get a good look at what I have and what I should get rid of, and this, plus one or two other shrugs, ended up in my giveaway pile. I think it's because they don't come together in the front, thus accentuating and making larger my already large enough bustline.

So, honest opinion - keep or get rid of??? I mean, really - be honest. You can be honest and I won't be offended, unless you're just mean about it. :P

And of course.....this fabulous Lexibomb.


  1. I think maybe the shrug would work better on a different outfit, like over a tee and jeans...but with the dress, I'd ditch it :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. loving the lexibomb. i LOVE that dress, necklace, and shoes. but i think you're right - the shrug isn't right with THIS outfit but would work with another one DEFINITELY. you look hot, girl!

  3. you look amazing in that dress, suits you wonderful<3

  4. what a pretty dress!! and I have the same necklace - i love it!

  5. Lovong the necklace! :)

    Would you like to follow each other? :)


  6. Cute blog! I love this dress, so adorable. I agree, the shrug may not be quite right for it. A blazer might work well with the dress though!


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