Friday, August 3, 2012

[Random] Silly Randomness

You guys, I am in such a random state of mind right now, this post will be all over the place. I apologize in advance but I'm blaming it on birthday/vacation brain. Today is my last day of work before three glorious days on a beachside island.


That's right. My birthday is Monday. I'm not ashamed to say I will be 31 on Monday. Honestly, everyone made 30 out to be a big deal and it wasn't, and I also forsee 31 going by in a similar fashion.

Haha. "Welcome to my box" - anyone get the reference? :)

Next bit of randomness: shoes. So, I've spend the last 15ish years of my life going immediately to the 10 section in shoes. I've just always been a 10. But recently I've been paying closer attention to how shoes fit. And I'm finding that in some cases a 9 or 9.5 fits soooo much better than a 10!!! I've just been blindly assuming my shoe size for years!

Now I'm putting on older shoes now and again and noticing they're actually too big. Wow. This has been such a revelation for me! Has this happened to anyone else?

Also on my mind - nail polish. I saw She Finds post about the Saved By the Bell nail polish from Wet N Wild and I just had to have it. Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a CVS that carries it around me. Bummer.

Yeah buddy!

Although I think the reason I really want it is because I grew up with and loved Saved by the Bell, and they're only 99 cents each, so I can buy the entire collection without much spend. Although, I likely already own some of the same shades, I don't care. They're so cheap and I love SBTB.


As an aside on the nail polish thing, I have been buying up cheapy nail polishes like they're disappearing from earth. Ever go in spurts with buying a bunch of varieties of the same item? I've done this with sandals, scarves, and cardigans before. Oy.

The last thing I feel like randomly talking about today is trends. Do you ever find that there are just some trends you really don't like?! I do!!! Frankly, I think peplum looks ridiculous. Some ladies wear it well, and I've actually really liked peplum in some outfits (so if you're a peplum lover that's all good!), but take it out of context of being worn by someone and I think it's such a ludicrous looking piece of clothing.

Is it a too-tiny dress? Did they forget where the waist is? Are they trying to hide a bump? Was there just extra material lying around?

I also feel this way about other trends, but of course, the one that was in my head to write about has now slipped off into some locked compartment in my brain, because I can't for the life of me remember what it is. If I do, don't worry, I'll come back and update the post.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. SBTB nail polish?!?!?!!? i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!

  2. I hope you have an AMAZING birthday weekend!! You deserve it!! I wish I was going with you! ;) And SBTB freaking way! AWESOME!


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