Monday, August 20, 2012

[OOTD] Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, ya'll!! I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend. Mine was nice and lowkey - Friday night we went out for dinner at our new favorite pizza place, Saturday I ran errands and then went to the Jason Mraz concert, and yesterday was filled with a bit of cleaning, finishing season 2 of True Blood, and then a couple beers at our local Taco Mac (if you're not familiar with Taco Mac, it's a pub type restaurant that has the largest changing variety of beers I have ever seen. Hundreds on tap and even more in bottles. It's awesome and you can try so many beers that you can't try anywhere else!). 

Also - you may notice cleaning out the guest room closet is no longer in my sidebar. I went to the Container Store and got an over the door shoe rack to tackle the shoe mess in the closet and now the cleanout is finally done! There will be pictures later this week.

On to the outfit of the day....guys, I'm still working off of old pictures from my old camera, and these are of an especially shoddy quality. I'm also still not 100% awesome at using my new fab camera, though I bought a go-at-your-own-pace course that I'm working through to better understand how to use all the new functions on the new camera. So, bear with me a bit longer on the crappy photography. I have a few cute outfits shot with poor lighting conditions with my old, not so awesome camera.

Top: TJ Maxx, old | Jeans: Gap, old (2004!!) | Shoes: Payless, summer 2010 | Watch, Earrings: Target, $13, $? | Bracelet, Necklaces: gifted (bracelet from my mom, add-a-pearl necklace from my grandmother, butterfly necklace from my friend Amanda) | Ring: F21, spring 2012 but I don't remember what I paid | No grand total today since I can't remember what I paid for most of this outfit! :)



  1. very cute! love the cuffed jeans - i am so into those for fall!

  2. yay for closet organizing! I did that too this weekend. I feel so much better now!! And at least you actually got your new camera...I still haven't gotten mine yet. I need to get on it! Love the cuff fave way to wear them!

  3. LOVE this outfit, jamie! and yay for getting organized! thanks for linking up, girl <3

  4. I love the pretty purple top and the sandals! And yay for finishing with organizing the closet. I just organized mine during the weekend and I am pretty proud of myself :P


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