Tuesday, April 2, 2013

[Life] Help! Fashion Emergency!

Ok, so maybe it's not an emergency. But I really need ya'lls help and opinions!

Next week, I'm headed to Las Vegas for a trade show. During the day, there's a prescribed uniform, so packing for the day will be a cinch. The issue I'm having is packing for the evening. The trade show has "official after parties" at some great venues - Ghost Bar at the Palms and Tao to name a few. I know if I were going to Vegas on a personal trip, my evening attire for these places would look something like this:

 Unfortunately, this isn't quite the outfit I want my professional colleagues to see me in (the folks I'm traveling with are all solely professional acquaintances!). So, I need to find a happy medium - outfits that don't make me feel under-dressed at a place like Tao, but that are acceptable in a business environment.

Help! Ideas?!


  1. I think you can wear dresses that are not too short, either ones with sleeves or wear a cardigan/blazer over it. You can always shed the extra layer if you need to! Or a skirt with a blouse. I would leave out anything sleeveless. Hope that helps! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Little black dress with fun heels and a crazy statement necklace?

  3. I agree with Yi-chia's suggestion to put a blazer over the dress to make it more appropriate.

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Firstly Jamie, I have to say that I found your blog through the comments section of Gracey's blog "Fashion for Giants". You left such a beautiful and honest comment that I had come see your little space on the interwebs and say thank you.

    Secondly I am heading to Vegas in about two and a half weeks for vacation so your questions about after party wear is perfectly timed! I think you could wear a sleeveless midi-length skirt/dress with heels and still feel completely professional but appropriate for your surroundings.

    Safe travels!
    - Caitlin


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