Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[Fashion] Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday today. Hopefully you take a second to thank those who have sacrificed so that we can have our freedom. And don't forget to go watch some fireworks!

I wasn't planning an outfit post for today but then as I was taking outfit pics yesterday it occurred to me that I was wearing red, white, and blue. Obviously that was not the original intent but I thought it was fitting to post it on the 4th of July! So, without further ado....

Top: NY&Company (old) | Jeans: Gap (old) | Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory (old) | Watch, Earrings, Belt: Target  (watch here)
I've always loved using a red shoe to make a outfit pop. I was kind of surprised to find that my red, white, and blue was an accident! (There are white stripes in the shirt if it's not clear from this distance - I'm not insane and imagining it in case that's what you thought, haha!)

Notice my awful hair bun. See previous post for why. Ugh.

Sometimes I have this problem - ok, all the time - with button down tops. Here you can see it looks like it's pulling a bit in the center. I canNOT find button downs that fit correctly - my chest is a size 10 and my waist is a size 6. Annoying!

Just love these earrings!!

And one more bit of fun for ya'll...

How are you wearing your red, white, and blue this week!?

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  1. LOVE those earrings! and i love that color blue on you!! :) :) see i'm the opposite... my chest is a size 6 and my waist / rear is a size 10-12... ugh!! happy fourth!

    still being [molly]


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