Thursday, June 28, 2012

[Shopping] Bling Bling, Every Time We Come Around Your City Bling Bling

I haven't really said much about this on my blog before, but my husband works for Macy's. This. Is. Awesome. He doesn't work in a store; he works at their Systems and Technology headquarters. This means employee discounts. For not only hubs, but for his family too, aka ME!

Macy's gives their discount to employees in an interesting way - each employee and family gets a credit account and a Macy's charge card. When you make purchases on your charge card, the 20% employee discount is taken off the card bill. This may not sound great, especially if you have an aversion to credit cards, but I love it. Why? Because Macy's gives cardholders extra discount passes, to the tune of 12-15 a year. So, that means if Macy's is having a sale, I get sale % off, savings pass % off that, and employee discount % off that. See? Awesome.

Macy's has some of my fave brands - Lucky, Ralph Lauren, Miss Me, True Religion, Free People. A month or three ago, I went into Macy's and noticed the Miss Me jeans were on sale. This hardly ever happens. I was stoked, especially because I (and my teammates) love to wear them to dance gigs cause they're fun and a bit flashy.

Well. These jeans were $109 originally. Then 40% off. Then my 20% WOW pass. Then hubby's 20% employee discount.


And then I found this pair. Originally $99.

And the back had stars and horseshoes! And I'm on a country dance team!!!

Really, though, I couldn't justify buying both. So I only walked away with the first pair.

Then a few weeks ago they were on sale again - the last few pairs from a select bunch of styles that they were obviously trying to get rid of. And they had one left in my size. Squee!!!

Second pair price? $38.01+tax. SOLD. To me. You'll see these on the blog soon. I've already worn the horseshoe pair twice.


  1. LOVE those jeans. i love country-style jeans, too!! so much fun. you should post a video of your country dance team!!

    still being [molly]

    1. I actually wrote a whole post about the team but that was back when almost no one was reading my blog, lol. I'll post a video and a link back to that post in the next few days!!

  2. That's SO neat that you get your hubby's employee discount! If I had it, I'd probably buy out the entire store :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter to win a custom clutch!

    1. Believe me, it takes a LOT of willpower NOT to buy the whole store sometimes!!!! And the discount doesn't work on full price for certain brands (Ralph Lauren, Miss Me, True Religion - you know, the best ones haha). But when those brands go on sale it's on - so that's probably also a good thing for me. haha :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks!! The top is ALSO Macy's, but I owned that one at the time these pics were taken, haha.

  4. Those blingy jeans are basically the best thing ever! xo


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