Friday, June 1, 2012

[Shopping] Tarjhay

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the post title spelling but I'm sure you get it.

I find that Target (or Tarjhayyyyy) is often a place I stop to pick up random things - Super Glue for hubs, makeup for me, toiletries, etc. There's a Target right by my office and I drive by it on my way home, so unless I need groceries or something, I usually stop there for errandy-type things.

Last week I stopped in and every time I do it's so hard to resist the pull of checking out what's new in the clothing, shoes, and accessories. I love perusing all of those things! This last visit, I got pulled into the clothing and ended up taking a bunch of stuff to the dressing room for a test run.

Top - I could not find this top anywhere on the Target site, sorry
Pants - here

I picked up this top to try because it combined a few trends - mint(ish), birds, and a zipper. The zipper is on the top of the back of the shirt and zips about 6 inches. I couldn't get a good pic of it. I didn't like the shirt at all. It just didn't do anything for me. I really was on the fence about the pants - I loved the color and the cut, but I wasn't sure the fit was quite right. I have this problem with almost every pair of pants that aren't jeans (why, I don't know. material?) - they are almost always baggy in the bum and sometimes in the front, too. You can see the front of the pants don't quite sit right. I debated these for quite a while before putting them on the rack to go back.

Top - here
Pants - here

Next up, a sheer green short sleeve button down and a pair of mint skinnies. There is nothing good about these skinnies except the color. The fit was atrocious - too short on the bottom (although I guess I could cuff them...but I'm not really into a pair of pants I have to cuff every single time I wear them), too tight in the thighs, and just bunchy all over. Perfect for some ladies but not this one. I've seen some other bloggers wearing these and they looked fabulous. Just another example of how everything looks different on different people!

The top, though....loved it! Bought it! You'll see it styled here soon, I'm sure. :)

Top - same as above
Skirt - here

You can't really tell from the pic but this skirt is a hi-lo. I don't think the length difference front vs back is very much, so this would be a great piece for someone who wants to try out the hi-lo trend without going too extreme. I actually saw a girl wearing this coming out of a Target and thought "what a cute skirt!" and wondered if it was a Target purchase. If this isn't the same skirt, it's very close. They have a variety of colors. I really liked the cobalt but since I already own cobalt capris and shorts, I though a different color would add more variety.

In the end, I liked the skirt but didn't love it. Since the budget required me to pick and choose, I couldn't justify a skirt that was only a like. Definitely comfortable, though, and definitely swingy and fun!

Dress - here

I debated over this dress, too. I really liked the print but couldn't decide if the tie being at the point of an empire waist, along with the flutter sleeve, made my top half look larger. I think that empire waists are hit or miss for someone like me with a large upper third and if I'm not careful I can look like a linebacker, all disproportionate and whatnot. I decided not to bring this one home, though this was the hardest choice of them all.

Dress - here

I tried this one on on a whim. I saw it and liked the pattern. Fron the front I thought it was kind of cute. You can barely see it here, but it had this cute cutout back. That cutout back was the death of this dress for me, though, once I put it on. You've heard me talk (whine?) about my high hips in many posts and this is just one of the many consequences of them - this dress was an immediate no because you could see my high hips in the back cutout and it was not pretty. This dress without question went back to the racks. However, it would be a great dress for someone who is better proportioned than I.

Have you been to Target lately and checked out their clothes? What are some of your favorite items?


  1. I really love that green sheer top, it's so pretty and you could dress it up or down :) I have not set foot in Target in forever since every time I'm there I wind up spending WAY more that planned! Have a great weekend!

    Enter to win a clutch!

    1. Thanks! I do the same thing - matter of fact I went to Target at lunch for a laptop sleeve and came out with the sleeve, a set of bracelets, and 3 pairs of earrings. Ooops.

  2. target has THE CUTEST stuff right now. seriously. it's out of control how cute the stuff is.

    1. I agree...I just love a place that can marry cute and affordable and right now Target does it better than most!


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