Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[Blogging] Reader Appreciation!!

Ya'll, I'm so flattered!! I read a lot of blogs. A lot. Because I love seeing everyone in their fabulously styled frocks! And I often comment. But I was so flattered when Sunday I read my girl Molly's blog and she had given me a reader appreciation award!!!

The rules are simple:
  • Tag the person who awarded you
  • Post the award
  • Share the love
This is such an awesome way to say "I appreciate you!" to you guys, the fabulous folks who make doing this whole bloggy thing worthwhile!! I would certainly give this award right back to Molly over at Still Being Molly because she's a fabulous reader herself. She's always positive, always commenting, and overall always making others feel good by her enthusiasm and friendship. So Molly - I'd give it right back to you!

But of course, I have other readers who I so, so appreciate - and now it's my turn to share the love. I would love to give this to all of my readers! There are few who really make a point to comment and support me in this blog, so I'm going to share the love here.

Without further ado, I am giving the Reader Appreciation Award to......

Diana at City and Burbs - Di is an active commenter who shares a lot of the same fashion views as me. She always has a positive note and her personality is awesome! Di, along with her sister, has an adorable blog showcasing their amazing style - go check it out!

Sharon at The Tiny Heart - Sharon has been one of my longest readers and she always, always has a positive and encouraging comment to leave! I adore her blog as well - she has a great sense of style and a great smile to match!

Shanna at Because Shanna Said So - Shanna is a recent follower and since we found each other's blogs, I've been enjoying hearing from her! Shanna makes it a point to really read what's in the post and make a thoughtful and kind comment. Her blog not only shares her fantastic style, but also captures bits of her daily life, which I love!

I also would like to mention a few others who may not be super frequent commenters but were some of my first readers, and who comment enough for me to see they've been long time readers and be ecstatic that they've stuck around. :) Giovanna from Olive and an Arrow, Mary Ann from The Dapper Bun, and Brooklyn Grace from 6 Pins in a Shoe - thank you!

All of you guys reading - you make being a blogger fun and exciting for me, and I appreciate every single person that takes the time to stop by and read my blog. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making this blog such a fulfilling hobby for me!!



  1. You're too sweet!!!! I'm so flattered! I certainly appreciate you too! Now, I need to go share the love.

    Thanks again!


  2. YOU. GIRL. are awesome. for real. xoxoxo :)

    1. Thanks girl!! Just speakin' truths here. ;)

  3. What a sweet idea! Thanks for introducing me to these new blogs to follow!

    <3 Jenny

    1. Definitely! I love finding great new blogs and these type of posts are where I've found some of my favorites. :)


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