Monday, November 26, 2012

[OOTD] Can I Wear a T-Shirt to Work (in an Office)?

Have you ever wondered if something was appropriate to wear somewhere? I often have this question, which prompted me to explore the idea of taking one of these questions and exploring how it could be done. I considered it a challenge to find ways to make a t-shirt wearable to events or places where it normally wouldn't fit in.

The key here is both a bit of creativity and a particular style of tee. Obviously, last weekend's 5K t-shirt will likely never be appropriate in this week's situations, but if you have a properly shaped and fitted tee, you can wear it places you might have never thought you could!

In future weeks, I may explore the multiple ways to wear an item to a particular place, but this week I just thought of 5 situations where a t-shirt might not be considered appropriate and figure out ways to make it work. I'm starting today with wearing a t-shirt to the office.

T-shirt: Gap (recent) | Pants: F21 | Scarf: Ebay | Shoes: Payless (here)

Now, let me clarify here - if you have a more professional office, this look might not fly. I'll have a more professional way of wearing a tee later this week that could be translated for the office. However, in many offices, anything dressier than jeans will suffice as proper office-wear.

For this look, I chose a plain yet well-fitted tee, and paired it with a dressier pair of pants and heels. These are key to making a tee wearable for the office. Flats might have made this too casual. Different pants may be too casual. To up the professionalism of a simple tee, I added a pop of color with the scarf. The key here is to make sure that there is nothing else casual in your outfit!

I had this tee tucked during the day and didn't realize that it was untucked in the pictures. This is also key to making a tee professional - it can't look slubby! Tuck that tee in!

Have you worn a t-shirt to the office?


  1. I think the only way I could pull off a tshirt at work is on our "jeans friday" and with a fitted blazer and a scarf or statement necklace. I wish my office were more casual!

    LOVE those bordeaux skinny jeans!!


    1. Yeah, not every office's dress code is as laid-back as mine. There will be a more professional version of t-shirt to the office later this week! :)

  2. My office is super casual so I could definitely wear this look to work!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. i totally think you could rock this at the office with a blazer and pretty scarf!!


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