Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Life] Yah Mon!

I know I've been whining and babbling about being busy and all that...but part of the busy was taking a timeout. Over Memorial Day, the husband and I spent 5 glorious days at the Grand Palladium Resort in Jamaica. And glorious they were...(warning: pic heavy on this one!!)

On our first day we started off with Red Stripes on the way to the resort. Checkin took forever, but the resort was beautiful and grand, so we were excited. After dragging our stuff out to our edge-of-the-resort villa, we went back to the main area to grab a few drinks. The night was capped off with meeting another couple, playing a bit in the ocean, and having a delicious dinner at the Indian restaurant. After, we went out to sit by the water and when we both fell asleep in lounge chairs we decided it was time to call it a night.

Our villa

Hubby at dinner

Day two was spent just hanging around the resort. Drinks at the swim up bar, playing in the infinity pool, popping over to the ocean....a perfect, relaxing day, capped off with dinner at the Asian restaurant and some pool at the sports bar.

Our third day we left the resort and spent the day on a catamaran party cruise. We sailed out to a protected reef and spent an hour snorkeling. Even though the weather was overcast, the reef was beautiful. After snorkeling, we cruised around Montego Bay dancing and drinking, then docked for a bit at Margaritaville before heading back. That night we tried out the Mexican restaurant, which wasn't that great, but capped off the night with some drinks at the bar over the pool.

The resort from our balcony

Where we left on our cruise


Dance party

On our last full day, we got up early and headed out for ziplining. I'm so bummed that we didn't get any pics but I didn't want to drop my camera (or pay the $30 the company was charging for them to take the pictures). It was an awesome time! The place we went has the longest zipline in the Caribbean which was amazing. The afternoon was spent back at the resort, avoiding the thunderstorms and bouncing around the resort grounds.

Overall, it was such a relaxing and wonderful vacation. It was a bit too short, but we didn't know if I was going to have vacation days or not (I did) so we didn't want me to have to take too many unpaid days off. The resort was beautiful. We did have a few issues - the resort was so far away from Montego Bay that every time we ventured off it was an hour's drive. Our A/C didn't work well. Our room wasn't ocean front when we were told it would be, and found out that there were not any available and if there had been there would have been a $15 a night additional fee (what??). The staff wasn't the fastest or most efficient. However, there was so much that was wonderful this trip we can't complain! The food was decent, the drinks good, and the resort absolutely gorgeous. I also really loved that you didn't have to make reservations for the restaurant (that's totally stupid but it's the truth). I loved that there were numerous beaches, a gorgeous pool, and plenty of activities.

Can't wait to go back to the islands!!


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