Monday, May 6, 2013

[OOTD] Black and White, 5 Ways: Accessorized

This week I'm going to focus on a trend we've seen a lot of lately: black and white. I've got 5 different ways to wear it, starting with today's look which focuses on black and white accessories! Before I get into that, I need to catch up with Blog Every Day in May.

Seems all it took was a weekend to throw me off my daily posting. And frankly, I didn't even really do anything this weekend but spend a lot of time organizing, straightening, and purging. So without further ado, let me catch up.

Favorite quote (Saturday's post):

This is not the first time this quote has appeared on my blog, and it's probably not the last. This quote just hits something in my heart and has been a favorite for many, many years.

Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends (Sunday's post):

Ok. I'm not going to on into why - you'll have to visit these lovely ladies to find that out - but here's a short list of my very, very favorite bloggers who have my undying love and devotion!!
Molly. Shanna. Sharon. Amy. Caitlin. Amanda. Mish. Emily. Bonnie. Marion.

And today's: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would answer the question 'what do you do'? As usual, what a great question. I would say...have fun, make people happy, and take advantage of every available opportunity!

Whew. Now on to today's black and white. I'm posting the worst pictures first. I got home late and had to take these in less than ideal lighting, so they're a little dark. For this outfit, I went with a white top and a black and white tweed blazer on top. My pants were a neutral grey, and I added more black and white with the scarf.

Blazer: Target | Top: Express | Scarf: Ebay | Pants: Forever 21 via Alexis Suitcase | Heels: unknown (old)

And can we talk about how huge this angle/scarf combination makes me look?! Wow! haha...

How do you accessorize with black and white?

Also linking up with Molly.


  1. Great scarf! I love how it adds some edge to your otherwise dressed up outfit.

  2. Thanks for the shout're too sweet! The skull scarf is such a cute accessory!

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