Sunday, June 2, 2013

[Random] Sunday Soup Revisited

Some funday for your Sunday!

Will Wheaton on why it's awesome to be a nerd:

I saw this card and I had to laugh, because I read so many blogs by twenty-somethings and many of them lament how they're so old. It makes me laugh. Come on, ladies - I'm 31 and I'm nowhere close to old, that is such a ridiculous statement!

Funny Birthday Ecard: 25th Birthday: Happy 25th birthday to someone who thinks of 25 as old.
Half of the blog world....haha cute.

Knead-knead-knead-EYES! (via)

I want to say this to everyone who comes to my house, but I refrain.

Things Michelle Tanner can teach you about dating.

Too cute:

Weird 90s about a trip down memory lane!!!

So excited for this...!

And this is a great laugh.

funny auto-correct texts - Worst Date EVER


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