Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[Link Up] 7 Questions

It's time again for Gentri Lee's 7 Questions!!

1. Are you a thrift shopper?
No. I really, really would love to be but I find I don't have the patience. Also, I tend to be a bit skeeved out by the scent that accompanies most thrift stores. I know this is ridiculous but it's true.

2. You just had a very bad dream, what do you do?
Wake up scared and make sure it was actually a dream. Then toss and turn for the next 30 minutes because whatever image scared me so much comes back every single time I close my eyes.

3. What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?
I have to pick just one!?! I love ice cream! Let's see....I'll go with Phish Food.

But I also love anything cheesecake!

This is the one we ALWAYS have in our house because my hubby loves it...

We actually get the Cupcake Party one - but this is the only pic I could find.

And I would just love to get my hands on a chocolate ice cream that has peanut butter swirled in! (Someone please tell me where I can find this!!!!) When I have a hankering for that, I settle for this:

Hmmm...think I like ice cream???

4. What do you do with your money? (spend it, save it, invest it, bury it, etc)
Oy. I do a little bit of each. A certain amount goes into retirement investment each month. Saving goes by the wayside as long as the emergency fund and school fund for hubby stay at a certain amount, because we're trying to pay down debt. But it's always a painful fight to not spend money because man do I love to shop. There. I said it.

5. What was the last quote or statement you heard that really hit you?
Hurt people hurt people. It was in a blog this morning when a mother was writing some words of wisdom for her daughter. It was referencing bullying, talking about how those who bully do so to hide/retaliate/deflect from their own insecurities and pain. I think that can be applied to our adult world too - people who are mean, speak ill of others, or judge without knowing are often trying to cover up their own insecurities, and I try so hard to remember that each day. I've been judgmental in the past (and who hasn't?) and I don't want to be - I make it a point each day to try and put others' comments in perspective and to not talk badly about others just because I'm insecure about me. This was a great question! Here is the full post if you want to check it out!

6. What do you do when you're driving alone? (ex: dance, sing, listen to talk radio, etc)
In the morning I listen to talk radio. Kind of. Seriously, I generally hate talk radio but the Bert Show (which is in Atlanta, Nashville, and Indianapolis!) is ridiculously entertaining. Check it out here! When it's not a weekday morning, I am definitely that person in my car singing at the top of my lungs. And I really, truly don't care who sees. I'm having more fun than anyone who wants to look at me funny!!!

7. Did you watch the premier of Bachelorette? If so, who was your favorite bachelor?
I did not watch it yet. I do have it on my DVR. Hubs and I watch the How I Met Your Mother/2 Broke Girls/Mike & Molly lineup (yes, you'll notice 2.5 Men is missing because we think that show is awful and have thought that for years), so I always have to DVR the girly Monday night shows - The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Dancing With the Stars, and Gossip Girl. (Hehe yes I watch GG). I tried to watch the premier of the Bachelorette last night while going through my RSS feed but I wasn't paying enough attention and after 30 minutes I realized I had no idea what had even happened to so I turned it off. I'll get back to you on my fave once I actually have time to watch it!!


  1. Fun post! I love Phish Food Ice Cream too! B&J is the best!


    1. They totally are. Thanks for reading!

  2. I'm not a thrift shopper either!
    Love this post feels like I know a bit more about you x

    1. I always like these posts that allow bloggers to talk about things they normally wouldn't on a personal style blog! Thanks for reading. :)

  3. that strawberry cheesecake ice cream looks incredible!

    1. Oh it is. I've been thinking about ice cream all day.

  4. Can't wait to hear who your favorites are! :D and what a great answer for the quote. It's so true.

    1. Yeah, I'm hoping I can get to watch it tonight!


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