Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Life] And Other Things...

I sat down with the intent to write a specific blog post but I have other random things to say so I apologize for being all over the place.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!!! I had a great one, spent in Savannah, GA. It was kind of strange - it was mentally relaxing and physically taxing, if that makes any sense. It was so great for me mentally to get away, but since we were walking around so much and constantly doing things (even if those things were playing ladder ball on the beach at Tybee Island or watching a steel drum band on River St), I felt so tired when I got home yesterday. Why does this matter? Because I was hoping to blog yesterday. But I couldn't get my brain to compose anything worth sharing.

As I mentioned on my Saturday morning post, I have a list of 30+ things to blog about. I keep a running tab of ideas/topics/events that I want to share but so many of them require a significant amount of time investment to produce, and I have been busy every single weekend for the last three weekends. Which means, the time when I usually compose those long, well thought out and articulated posts has been sucked up doing other things. And not only is my time being taken up, but the things I'm doing are so fun that I want to share them and are adding to the blog posts!!

So far, I've mentioned I'll blog about:
Mother's Day with my family
My trip to PA last weekend for my friend Em's baby shower
Memorial Day trip to Savannah, GA.

You'll get them.

I promise.

I have 400+ style blog posts to read, too, and it's been that way almost every Monday/Tuesday. It's making it difficult to comment as much as I like.

I'm sorry.

This should be the last weekend, at least for a short bit, where my time will be so fully taken up. So keep an eye out for those posts!

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  1. you got this, girl. sounds like an amaaazing weekend!!!


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