Friday, May 18, 2012

[Fashion] GASP! An Outfit Post!

As promised!!!

Yet another look with the flowy top and skinny pants. I love this combo. Please, style gods, don't let this go out of style any time soon. :)

Today I decided to go to Old Navy on my lunch break. I've been eyeing this coral sheerish shirt there and wanted to see if they still had it in my size. I went, found it, bought it, and went on my way. Well.

I went back to my office and in my email was this.

Literally timed 4 minutes after the time stamped on my receipt.

Top - Kohl's
Jeans - JC Penney (here in white)
Shoes - Shoe Carnival (2011)

Thankfully I was able to go to the ON by my house and they returned what I bought and re-rang it with the coupon. I saved myself $6.00! Yay! And, the sales clerk said tomorrow their bathing suits go on 40% off and you can still use this coupon which will be 20% off tomorrow.



  1. looking SO cute, girl! and i am loving those wedges :)

    1. thanks! I got them for a steal at the end of last summer. I'm so happy wedges are in because they're the perfect summer shoe!! I love the comfort of full shoe base like a flat but the height of a heel. I'll be wearing a lot of these this summer I'm sure.

  2. I love that top! The floral print is so amazing.

    Alexandra xo


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