Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[IFB Project] Summertime Essentials!

This week, IFB is hosting a new project: Summer Style Kickoff. I love summer. It's my favorite time of the year - the days get longer, the weather gets warmer (although here in GA it can be incredibly hot), and most people relax and enjoy some time off.

My favorite thing about summer is going to the beach. As a kid, my parents took my brother and I to the beach for a week every single summer and I lived for that week of swimming in the ocean, eating greasy boardwalk food, and cleansing my soul with that salty sea air. It only makes sense that my submission for IFB's project centers on my favorite summer style: beach essentials!

Here are my favorites:

  1. Scunci wide, thin, textured hair bands. I seriously could not go to the beach without these. I have long hair and the sea breeze tends to blow it all over the place which makes it difficult to see while at the beach, and difficult to brush when I get home. I just put one of these wide, soft headbands on and my hair is out of my face and not snarled; not only that, these look cute, and you can wear them in the ocean without losing them!
  2. A sheer beach coverup. These look chic at the beach and are a great way to coverup without looking like you're trying to hide under layers of clothes. This one here is from Sears. I love the bright colors and busy print - both of which are super stylish this summer!
  3. SUNSCREEN! Sunscreen is the number one most important thing in summer style. I am a firm believer that wrinkles, sagging skin, and sunspots can all be put off simply by wearing sunscreen, therefore by using it daily I believe I will look exponentially younger than everyone else my age as I get older. I'd rather have great skin at 60 than a great tan at 30. And this sunscreen is a fabulous choice - it's light and not greasy at all! I wear Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock daily.
  4. A light, sheer, drapey tee. I especially like the stripes as a head nod to the nautical when I'm at the beach. It's the perfect top to pair with a pair of shorts or jeans when you're ready to head out for a seaside dinner, or over a swimsuit if you plan on walking the boardwalk at the day's end. The flowy top, to me, says easy going and relaxed - which are two things you definitely should be at the beach!

  1. A fun, bright beach tote. This one combines prints, which is something that's been really popular all spring. I like the combination of floral and gingham on this tote, and the minty color is very on trend! A printed tote adds a little somethin-somethin to a solid colored bathing suit or coverup.
  2. "Boat shoes" as so many people call them. Even if you're not going on a boat, you can at least look like you are! These Sperrys are one of my favorites.
  3. Cat-eye sunglasses. These are an up and coming shape this summer, and sunglasses are one of my favorite sunny accessories.
  4. Fun, embellished flip flops. Everyone knows that flip flops are a staple at the beach - they're easy to wear and no fuss, which makes them an ideal addition to your beach ensemble. Why not take it a step  further and wear a cute embellished pair instead of the run-of-the-mill rubber? I love the hundreds of embellished options you can find out there right now and I just love the colors you can find!
  5. Baby powder. I know, you're probably scratching your head. And no, this is not just for you ladies with children. Baby powder is the best kept beach secret if you are someone who enjoys the ocean. I always hated the way that the dry sand just clings to you anywhere you happened to have gotten wet. If you're an ocean swimmer, or even just an ocean wave-jumper, you can end up with sand everywhere. And I mean everywhere. The solution, at least for the parts that are exposed at the beach? Baby powder! This stuff will get the sand off with little to no fuss so you can put your shoes and coverup on without getting sand in every seam.
  6. Floppy hats!! Floppy hats have become super popular in the last year, and they are a great way to create a look when you're not wearing much at all. Not only that, I love that these hats protect you from those nasty sun rays I spoke about above - nothing like a second layer of protection against wrinkles or red noses!

Now you know what my beach essentials are....I'd love to hear yours!!


  1. these are PERFECT summer essentials!

    1. Thanks! I had a hard time narrowing down haha!

  2. These are great essentials - I have the same sunscreen in spf 90 and I love the floppy hat and cat eye sunglasses you chose. Nice to meet another ATL blogger! Also, I'm hosting a giveaway - a cute pair of silver earrings. Check it out here! :-)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago - it's definitely nice to connect with local bloggers. I will definitely go check out your giveaway!


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