Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[Life] Ok, Guys....

I'm about to get a little 13-year-old-Twilight-fan-meets-Robert-Pattinson, so bear with me.

I started this blog a few months ago because I was inspired by fashion bloggers and it marries two things I love: clothes and writing. I've been trying really hard to network - not to get readers, but to start conversations with other like-minded ladies around the world.

So, I am about to give a big ol' W00T to 2 somethings that probably aren't a big deal for the rest of you, but made me really feel like my blog is going somewhere.


I got my first media invite. From a PR company.

MOI? MEDIA? Noooooo........

But apparently someone out there thinks I am!!

Unfortunately, the event was last weekend when I was out of town, but it gave me such a thrill to get an email with a "media" invite. (I am so not media, but thanks for the compliment!)

And secondly,

My Summer Essentials post from yesterday was selected as one of the 10 favorite Summer Style posts by IFB at #6!!!

DOUBLE W00T!!! (or I guess that would just be w00t w00t, eh?)

That makes me pretty psyched considering there were 50+ submissions and this was my first one. Yay!

Check it out here!


  1. Thanks for the birthday love, Jamie. You're a "" blogger, so I couldn't reply to your comment via email :(

    1. Any idea how to change that on the new blogger? I read your post a lil while back about that in your blogging tips, but the instructions say to edit profile from your dashboard and I can't find where that is in the new dashboard layout. Also, whenever I get into my profile to make edits it takes me into Google+. Where are you clicking that you see the no-reply? Maybe that will help me find where to change it. I'm still pretty new to this stuff and am not sure how you're getting that or where to change it!

    2. Ok I figured it out. Had to disconnect my Google+ account in order to get the blogger profile where I could fix it.


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