Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Life] I Don't Even Have a Post Title

Wow. What an amazing long weekend I had. I went to PA to surprise one of my dearest friends at her baby shower on Sunday afternoon. I couldn't talk about it here because she may have read my blog, but I had an amazing weekend and will post about it later this week once I've uploaded the photos to my laptop.

Now, back to real life. And WOW am I bogged under. I haven't read a single email or blog all weekend; I haven't done a single chore, taken a single outfit picture, or done a single load of laundry. I have so much to do. Yikes! At work I have to prepare specialized training for my course I'm presenting in Toronto in 2.5 weeks. And I'm going away again this weekend. This time with the hubs, to Savannah GA, to celebrate his 3 week intensive "May-mester" being done. So I have to do laundry. And pack. And all that good stuff. By Friday night. Again I say, YIKES!

I'm going to do my best to catch up tonight, but in the meantime, you may see a lack of blog posts. So, in my absence, I will pose a question for you to debate:

What are your best tips for getting amazing outfit photos for your blog?

I have been pondering this as of late. I'm just ok at taking normal everyday pictures. And when I look at my outfit posts compared to every other style blogger out there, they just don't stack up. It's not always the outfit (haha). I'm kind of limited in equipment - I can't spend big money on a fabulous DSLR right now; for the time being I have to stick with my itty bitty Kodak point and shoot camera on a tripod. So, who has some tips for me on improving my photos? Lighting suggestions? Background suggestions? Setting suggestions? Editing tips? (I should say that at this point I know nothing about editing photos and do little more than crop them down before posting them. I don't know what programs are good, although I have Photoshop and find it incredibly difficult to learn. I don't have time for that right now haha!).

Help?! Suggestions!?


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