Monday, May 21, 2012

[Fashion] Sun Is Shining

Atlanta doesn't really have a winter.

This makes me a bit sad, because I'm a northeasterner and I like the cold. Not for 6 straight months like in some parts of the north, but 3 solid months of cold and a transition month or two would be great. Because I really like scarves and layered cardigans/jackets/coats, as well as cute winter hats and boots. 

So you can bet I was pretty excited when we had a week long "cold spell" in Atlanta where I could layer some stuff.
Top - Old Navy (old)
Jeans - James Jeans (old)
Shoes - Target
Scarf - Gifted
Bracelet - Betsey Johnson at Macy's (gifted)

By cold spell I mean it was in the 40s in the morning. Rest assured it was mid-70s by late afternoon so it wasn't completely out of character.

Earrings - Payless (2011)
I have no idea where I got the sunglasses or the headband. They are both at least 5 years old. Have I mentioned I tend to hold on to things??

Aaaaaaaand....a Lexi photobomb.

Have a great week, ya'll!!!


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