Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Fashion] Zee Deveel

I've really been loving the sheer, flowy tops that are everywhere now. So many of you fabulous fashion bloggers have been wearing them and really inspiring me! I'm also loving this half-tucked, half-untucked thing. Seems to work well for my oddly high hips.

Top - INC at Macy's
Jeans - Hydraulic
Shoes - Target
Bracelet - Boutique in Alpine Helen, GA (seriously, look that place up, you non-GA dwellers)

What do you think of the minty green/black/grey/white combo? I loved it!!! I'm obsessed with mint right now but can't seem to find a lot of mint pieces that work for me. Maybe it's my uber pale skin. I think this mint works well because it's a brighter mint. For whatever reason INC seems to come up with just the best color combinations! What are your favorite color combos?

(I finally got to wear my coveted Target wedges!!!)

And I couldn't sign off without another Lexi photobomb...haha.

This tends to be her favorite side to show the camera. Happy Hump (or should I say Lexi-Rump?) Day!

*Price tags advertise your pride 
Since when did what we pay for colored cloth gauge our gravity?*

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  1. LOVE that top, jamie!! green is a great color on you. and your dog is SOOOO CUTE.


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